Canon’s Powershot G3 X Camera Features Impressive Zoom

Canon’s Powershot G3 X Camera Features Impressive Zoom

Canon’s newest camera comes with an exceptional zoom feature. The new Canon Powershot G3 X comes with a 25x zoom lens. The zoom lens offers close to a 24mm to 600mm focal length range. The extraordinary zoom feature in the camera makes it easy to take quality photos from far away.

Features of the Canon Powershot G3 X camera

The Canon Powershot G3 X also features a 20.2-megapixel sensor, near field communication, Wi-Fi, a 3.2-inch LCD display, and high-speed shooting modes. According to the camera maker, this device is the toughest device in the G-Series. It boasts superior body panel construction complete with rubber sealing and a good magnesium alloy form.

It features Android compatibility and a complete support system for the Canon Connect Station CS100, which has yet to debut. The camera also comes equipped with easy social features for sharing photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube. The camera allows for a variety of modes, including standard scene modes, full manual shooting modes and Creative Shot mode. It also features a Star Mode made for taking quality photos of the night sky.

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Canon’s attempt at luring photographers back

Canon is trying to lure professional photographers back to its standalone cameras because many are using their smartphones to take pictures. The quality of the cameras on phones has gotten significantly better over the years. Overall profits for Canon took a significant nosedive, falling 29% in the first quarter.

Smartphone cameras can do a lot of things well, but zooming in is not one them. The new Canon Powershot G3 X retails for $999.99, and it goes on sale in July. It is a professional quality camera that isn’t targeted toward the average consumer. The camera’s compact design with impressive zoom features certainly makes it quite a buy.

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