BitTorrent Introduces New App For Photo Transfers

BitTorrent Introduces New App For Photo Transfers

Transferring photos from device to device has never been easier thanks to a new app from BitTorrent. Shoot is available on all three major mobile platforms: iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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Although the new app was designed for sharing photos, it also has privacy features. The Shoot app works with Sync P2P technology, which is a proprietary technology of BitTorrent used to prevent files from being sent to the wrong server where they could easily be hacked. There is also a unique QR code generated every time someone selects a new file. All the receiver has to do is press the app’s “receive” button to scan the QR code from the sender’s phone.

BitTorrent to charge app users

The app only transfers photos and video files. You can test it out with three free sends, but it charges $1.99 per send after the third transfer. The receiver always gets the files for free. Erik Pounds (vice president of product management for BitTorrent Sync) explained the app’s appeal as being spontaneity.

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It makes it easy to share a moment in the form of a photo or image with friends. The fact that it is available on multiple platforms ensures that nearly every smartphone user can download the app.

BitTorrent’s representative opened up about the company’s decision to charge users for using the app:

“Like with BitTorrent Sync, we never monetize the user indirectly. On Shoot, you’ll never see an ad. Sharing is fully private, so we’re not harvesting any user data. We’re keen to see the market reaction at this price point, and the hope is that users can find value in this product.”

Users are willing to pay a little money for privacy, and BitTorrent believes it offers a viable app.

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