Apple Inc. Co-founder Wozniak: Robots Will Turn Us Into Their Pets

Apple Inc. Co-founder Wozniak: Robots Will Turn Us Into Their Pets
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Apple’s outspoken co-founder Steve Wozniak has cautioned that robots will turn us into their pets because we humans just want to be taken care of. Wozniak talked about artificial intelligence at the Freescale Technology Forum in Austin, reports TechRepublic. It’s the second time the Apple co-founder has opened up about artificial intelligence.

Apple co-founder takes U-turn on AI

In March, Wozniak said the growth of AI was “scary” and “very bad for people.” He believed that smart robots would eventually try to “get rid of the slow humans.” But now he seems to have realized that AI will actually be good for us. Yes, robots will make us into their pets, but they will keep us as part of nature, he said. And it will “turn out really good for humans.”

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Wozniak said it would take robots hundreds of years before they are able to take over the world. By that time, robots will be fully aware of their place in the world. They will choose to keep us around, just like we keep family dogs. We just want to be taken care of all the time, so humans wouldn’t mind being family pets. The Apple co-founder said future robots will be smarter than us, so they will realize that they actually need us.

Tech wizards worried about AI

Wozniak is well known for making outspoken remarks. Last year, he said he sold his Samsung Galaxy Gear on eBay because it was “worthless.” Wozniak has also said that the big-screen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus arrived three years too late. However, he is not the only one who has expressed concerns about artificial intelligence.

In January, Bill Gates warned that artificial intelligence will become strong, and directly threaten humans. He noted that robots will eventually become more intelligent than humans. Noted physicist Stephen Hawking has expressed similar concerns, saying that thinking robots will be a serious threat to the human race. Last year, billionaire entrepreneur and founder of Tesla Motors, Elon Musk warned that artificial intelligence will be more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

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