Russia’s New Kurganets-25 Tank Controlled By PlayStation Gamepad

Russia’s New Kurganets-25 Tank Controlled By PlayStation Gamepad
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Can you imagine a battle tank controlled by a PlayStation? Russia is actually doing that. The latest Russian Kurganets-25 is controlled by a device similar to Sony PlayStation. Albert Bakov, the VP of Kurganets-25 manufacturer Tractor Plants, told Russian media that the tank uses a console similar to Sony PlayStation.

What makes the console a preferred choice?

Bakov said he spent about two years convincing designers to make a PlayStation-like console. He says the console will make it easier for young soldiers to familiarize themselves with the infantry fighter vehicle. The PlayStation gamepad form has been perfected (by Sony) for decades. That, coupled with the idea of left-right coordination, made the console a good choice.

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It does not mean you can control the tank from anywhere. You have to be inside the thing to operate the controller. The console design is much safer and occupies less space than a steering wheel. A steering wheel could be dangerous for the rib cage when climbing out and during an impact. The Kurganets-25 is not a full-fledged tank, though. It’s an infantry fighting vehicle (IFV), between an armored truck and a battle tank.

Russia to begin mass production of Kurganets-25 next year

It was first showcased on May 9th during a parade commemorating the 70th anniversary of Russia’s victory in World War II. The Kurganets-25 is currently undergoing trials in the Russian army. Its mass production is expected to begin in 2016. The IFV’s specification is still a secret. But it is believed that it needs a three-person crew of driver, commander and gunner to operate, and can transport another eight troops in the back. The Kurganets-25 boasts of a top speed of 50 miles per hour.

It is not the only tank Russia is developing. Earlier this month, Moscow showed off its highly-advanced Armata tank. Russia has invested heavily in Armata, which has an unmanned, remote-controlled turret. It features 125mm guns that can fire laser-guided missiles and shells up to a distance of 16,000 feet.

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