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The iPad Pro has been a long awaited device release from Apple, and new details have recently emerged about this forthcoming tablet. Although Apple has yet to confirm the existence of the iPad Pro, it is another one of the company’s device releases which can be regarded as an extremely badly kept secret, somewhat akin to the Apple watch. With media reporting on the existence of the Apple smartwatch over two years before Apple finally acknowledged its existence, we can be similarly confident that an iPad Pro will appear eventually.

iPad Pro enhancements include split-screen

Reports have emerged that there will be significant software enhancements included in the iPad Pro. Central to these will be the split screen viewing mode which has long since been suggested as a part of the portfolio of this tablet. This particular viewing mode will enable applications to be utilized simultaneously, in a system which is somewhat similar to the Windows Snap Screen functionality for Microsoft’s Windows 8 operating system and Xbox One video games console.

Sources close to Apple have suggested that this will certainly be coming to the iPad range in the near future, but it has not been confirmed whether it will be exclusive to the iPad Pro. Apple refreshed its raft of tablets by releasing new versions of the iPad Air and iPad Mini in 2014, and it could be that the corporation chooses to upgrade the functionality of these devices as well. What can be said for certain is that it will appear in the iPad Pro at some point, regardless of whether Apple also includes it in its other tablet computers.

Reports indicate that there are two separate versions of the iPad Pro currently in production testing. These are reputedly codenamed J 98 and J 99, with leaks suggesting that these two Devices under development will feature different sized screens when they are finally released.

iPad Pro to debut at Worldwide Developers Conference?

What is particularly tantalizing about these new details regarding the iPad Pro is that an inside source has already suggested that they could be officially confirmed at Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC). This Apple confab is typically intended to provide a platform for developers to acquaint themselves with the latest version of iOS, as well as Apple announcing any other software upgrades that it has in mind.

But Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac suggests that both of the new iPad Pros, along with the dual-app viewing mode, could be announced at WWDC 2015. The publication also reported that the split screen functionality was intended for inclusion in iOS 8, but was removed from this software at the 11th hour owing to the fact that it was considered too unpolished at the time for public consumption.

According to rumors related to the latest version of the software, 1/2, 1/3 and 2/3 views will be available for all applications. It will thus be possible to view to different apps, or two iterations of the same application, at the same time.

Another report which has emerged recently suggests that the iPad Pro will have a physical appearance similar to that of the existing iPad Air. This was the slimmest tablet that Apple had ever released when it emerged in 2014, and the idea of a super-powerful iPad Pro edition of the market-leading Apple tablet, which also features an extremely slim visage, will be a mouth-watering prospect for many fans of tablet computing.

The design of the iPad Pro is also expected to feature a larger bezel than the smaller devices of the series to accommodate the extra room required for thumbs in order to hold up the device. Aside from this design alteration, it is expected that the tablet will strongly resemble the existing iPad Air, with Apple evidently feeling little need to update a physical design which still defines the tablet niche.

iPad Pro concept images emerge

With this news in mind, a talented and notorious designer has produced some concept images of the iPad Pro. Designer Martin Hajek will be a familiar name to all Apple following fans, and Hajek has recently produced some concept images of the iPad Pro which take these latest rumors into consideration.

The iPad Pro will unquestionably be an important device for Apple, as tablet sales have continued to sag in recent months and years. Although the iPad remains the most popular tablet on the planet by a considerable distance, the device has nevertheless struggled in recent financial quarters. Sales during one quarter of 2014 were down 23 percent on the same period from the previous year, as Apple struggled to achieve even stability in this niche.

Clearly Apple believes that releasing a version of the iPad Pro with a 13-inch screen will attract people back to the tablet in the future. This would be over 30 percent larger than any tablet computer which has been produced by Apple previously, and could stand out enough in terms of design parameters to attract a new audience to the iPad

Although many Apple fans will be excited about the prospect of the iPad Pro, particularly as it promises to deliver this multitasking functionality which has been sought after for a long time, it might not be wise to get too excited about the prospect. Undoubtedly, there are vast numbers of Apple fans which would love to see the iPad Pro announced at the Worldwide Developers Conference, but such an announcement has been predicted on the many previous occasions without coming to fruition.

But the device is clearly taking shape based on the latest rumors, and when the iPad Pro is announced it should be an exciting device which helps create momentum for the flagging series.

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