Google Maps Update Can Help Drivers Avoid Traffic Jams

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Google Maps’ most recent update now includes details for alternate travel routes. Google will also provide a reason for each suggestion. For instance, if the app alerts a user of an area with unusually heavy traffic on their route, the app not only offers an alternative route but also a reason for the suggestion.

Google Maps update

The updated Google Maps app is set to roll out just in time for Memorial Day (this upcoming Monday) in the United States. Google also rolled out a Maps update for Android Wear. The update now allows users to browse Maps. Other useful features on the new platform including a scroll feature and pinch-to-zoom. Unfortunately, the app still requires a little more work. According to Android Central, the app is unstable, and it sometimes fails to respond. The only way to leave the app is to press the hardware button on the side of the device. This method of exiting could present a problem for other devices that lack a similar button.

Google Maps blog takes a look at 2014 travel trends

Google Maps is an essential app for many drivers all year round, but the app is sure to get a lot of use this Memorial Day weekend. The official Google Maps blog shared a list of top search trends of 2014:

  1. Beach
  2. Cemetery
  3. Cafe/Restaurant
  4. Gas Station
  5. Furniture Store
  6. Ice Cream Store

The tech giant also gave the top Google Maps destination searches in five major cities, including Chicago, Los Angeles, Boston and San Francisco. According to the search result maps, Boston residents flock to seaport town New London and the historic town of Barnstable. San Francisco residents head to ski town Mammoth and recreational area Burney. New Yorkers pay a visit to Middletown, Connecticut and historic Portland, Maine.

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