Galaxy S6 Active Appears On Samsung’s Website

After some photos that were purportedly of the Galaxy S6 Active appeared on Twitter, Samsung quietly (or perhaps accidentally) confirmed the existence of the phone. It seems as if the smartphone is Samsung’s answer to all the complaints about the lack of waterproofing on the Galaxy S6.

Photos of Galaxy S6 leaked

Well-known Twitter tipster @evleaks (who has now identified himself as “freelance editorialist” Evan Bass) posted the photos of what the poster said is the Galaxy S6 Active. The photos first appeared on GSMArena, and Bass agreed with the website on Twitter, saying that the photos do show what was, at the time, the rumored Galaxy S6 Active.

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Samsung quietly admits to Galaxy S6’s existence

After the leak Phone Arena noticed that Samsung had quietly added the Samsung S6 Active to its website. The page for Samsung support, warranty program and rewards now has the smartphone listed. Although there isn’t much information on the handset, the page does say that buyers receive the same number of points as they would if they purchase the Galaxy S6 or the Galaxy S6 Edge.

The page also lists the release date as April 10, which obviously isn’t right because it isn’t on the market right now. However, that is the date when the first two S6 phones were released. The listing on the support page is the only mention of the Galaxy S6 Active, as it does not yet have its own dedicated page like the other phones do.

What to expect in the Galaxy S6 Active

The specs of the Galaxy S6 Active shouldn’t come as any great surprise, as they are expected to be pretty much the same as those of the Galaxy S6. The only addition is probably going to be waterproofing, a key feature Samsung did not include on the original S6 last month.

The smartphone is also expected to look quite a bit like last year’s Galaxy S5 Active, as seen in the photos above. It’s expected to have a huge 3,600 mAh battery and have an exterior that can, as the name implies, stand up to  little bit of abuse by those who are constantly on the move and taking their phone with them.