DNA On Pizza Identifies Quadruple Murder Suspect

Police carrying out a search of a murder scene took DNA samples from a pizza crust found in trash bags.

Authorities in Maryland are investigating a gruesome quadruple murder, and identified a key suspect thanks to DNA left on a piece of pizza crust. Police identified 34-year-old Daron Dylon Wint in their hunt for the killer, who ended the lives of four people in Northwest, an area of Washington D.C., write Mike Levine and Katherine Faulders for ABC.

DNA On Pizza Identifies Quadruple Murder Suspect

Arrest warrant issued for murder suspect

The discovery led to the issuing of an arrest warrant for Wint with “murder one while armed.” Sources familiar with the case told the media that a Domino’s delivery pizza led to the identification of Wint as a suspect. The delivery driver told reporters that cash was left in an envelope outside the door to pay for two pizzas.

Police visited the home and took away three bags of evidence as part of the murder investigation.

The suspect has been described as “hostile” by his stepmother. “He doesn’t listen,” said the unidentified woman. “You try to tell him and guide him the right way, but he thinks he knows the law … more than anybody else. He was very argumentative. Everywhere he goes there’s an argument … very arrogant.”

Family and their housekeeper found dead

The victims of the attack were identified as corporate executive Savvas Savopoulos, his wife Amy, their 10-year-old son Phillip and housekeeper Veralicia Figueroa. All four were found dead on May 14. An insider told reporters that all 4 were killed before the house was set on fire. It appears that only Phillip was burnt to death, while the other three were stabbed after gasoline was poured over them.

Sources claim that the bodies of Savvas and Amy Savopoulos, and housekeeper Figueroa, were found in chairs, doused in gasoline. Young Phillip was found in his bed, so badly burned that he could not be recognized and with lacerations to his body.

Police reports reveal that series of phone calls were made by the victims on the same day as the fire. A source also stated that Savopoulos’ personal assistant had brought $40,000 in cash to the house earlier that day, and the money was supposed to be used in order to open a martial arts center in Chantilly, Va.

Neither the money nor a blue Porsche registered in Amy Savopoulos’ name were found by firefighters who attended the scene the afternoon of May 14. The vehicle was found burned out hours later, in the parking lot of a church in Prince George’s County, Md.

Concerned husband visited house

Figueroa’s husband, Bernardo Alfaro, tried to call his wife after he did not return home at the usual time. “I didn’t hear from her, and every time I call the phone, it just going straight to voicemail,” he said. He later drove to the house and knocked on the door, only for Savapolous to call him and inform that he would contact him later. Alfaro returned home and waited in vain for the call.

Hours later flames enveloped the mansion with the bodies of the four victims inside. Wint is still on the loose, and police are searching for the suspect, who has a criminal record which includes traffic violations and charges for domestic violence, burglary and assault.

Authorities believe that the four victims were held at the home against their will overnight before they were killed sometime on May 14.