Radical Change Needed To Close Hedge Funds Gender Gap

Put into perspective: Ahead of the mainstream by Bruno J. Schneller, CAIA & Miranda Ademaj, Skenderbeg Alternative Investments

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Radical Change Needed To Close Hedge Funds Gender Gap

Single-manager hedge funds in Asia-Pacific and North America employ the largest number of women in top roles, while European firms have a much bleaker gender equality record, according to a study by data provider Preqin.

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Notes From Schwarzman, Sternlicht, Robert Smith, Mary Callahan Erdoes, Joseph Tsai And Much More From The 2020 Delivering Alpha Conference

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Hedge funds offer hope in bubble times

Hedge funds may have stung a lot of investors during the financial crisis but their ability to outperform in times of trouble has put them back on the radar of baby boomers who are worried about bubbles forming in stocks and the property market.

“In markets like 2014, where the index doesn’t generate a significant overall return, long short funds have the ability to display outperformance by having exposure to stocks that both rise and fall” said Auscap Asset Managment principal and portfolio manager Tim Carleton „That ability is probably why long short funds are getting attention at the moment”.

“A long short equity fund is still exposed to the market, if markets go well you have exposure and if markets correct you have some protection in place to minimize loss of capital,” he said.

Steve Miller, head of fixed income at the world’s biggest money manager Blackrock, said if investors are worried about the direction of interest rates and how financial assets have run way ahead of slugging Australian business cycle, hedge funds are a good option, even though they still ring “alarm bells” among many investors.

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