GoPro Inc Buys French Virtual Reality Company ‘Kolor’

The camera maker just announced its purchase of French company Kolor, which specializes in virtual reality software. The company announced that Kolor employees will join GoPro staff, and operations will continue to be based in Savoie, France.

GoPro Inc Buys French Virtual Reality Company 'Kolor'

Kolor enables development of “spherical content”

Software developed by Kolor allows users to join multiple photographs or videos in order to make 360-degree panoramas and videos. The companies call this “spherical content.” Up to this point, GoPro has been unable to offer its customers the opportunity to create interactive content, but that looks set to change.

The acquisition marks GoPro’s own advance into the virtual reality market, in which many content creators have already been using the company’s cameras. At the same time GoPro also announced the release of a 4K, 360-degree video to show off the capabilities of Kolor’s software. Find the video on YouTube or on the GoPro company website.

Otherwise it can be viewed on Kolor’s mobile app, known as Kolor Eyes, which is available to users of both iOS and Android, as well as on Google Cardboard. GoPro has promised that more spherical content will soon be available on varied platforms such as Oculus VR and Samsung Gear VR. The company’s foray into virtual reality looks set to be an exciting one.

GoPro expanding operations

This latest acquisition is an important step in GoPro’s wider aim of expanding the services that it offers as a company. A few weeks ago the company announced that it would be releasing a commercial version of its broadcast-quality live streaming service known as “Herocast.” The technology was tested at the winter X-Games 2015.

Another important deal for the company was struck with the NHL, which means that GoPro cameras are now used in some live broadcasts. As well as expanding the range of services that it offers, there are rumors that GoPro is looking into selling a cheaper camera in order to attract a wider range of customers to a brand which is currently focused on extreme sports.