CIA Worked With China To Attack Russia

CIA Worked With China To Attack Russia
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On Thursday, the U.S. Defense Secretary Ashton Carter admitted that Russian hackers had infiltrated into Pentagon’s computer network earlier this year. It was the latest high-profile hack of the U.S. government networks by Russian hackers.  Over the past few months, Washington has also accused China of hacking the U.S. satellite network, weather systems, and the U.S. Postal Service network.

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The book sheds light on some of the CIA’s darkest secrets

But, not too long ago, the CIA was actively working with Chinese intelligence agencies to target Russia. According to a recently published book The Hundred Year Marathon by former Pentagon official Michael Pillsbury, the covert CIA-China cooperation was part of Washington’s program to destroy the Soviet Union and then Russia.

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The book was published after being cleared by the CIA, FBI and Pentagon, reports Bill Gertz of The Washington Times. The clandestine cooperation started in 1970s when China realized that the Soviet Union’s Marxist-Leninist economic model was doomed. Beijing started moving closer to the U.S. for economic benefits as it continued to create an overhauled communist economic system with Chinese characteristics.

Michael Pillsbury was the in-charge of covert operations. The CIA and Chinese agencies worked together on an electronic spying program code-named Chestnut that targeted the Soviet Union and then Russia. The U.S. intelligence agency also conducted covert operations to ship Chinese arms to Afghan rebels battling Soviet forces.

China sold weapons to CIA to give them to rebels

In a revelation that could embarrass China, the book mentions that the U.S. and Chinese agencies carried out an operation to arm 50,000 anti-Vietnam rebels in Cambodia starting 1982. The initial budget for this operation was $2 million a year, which was later increased to $12 million per year. “The Chinese not only sold the weapons to us to give to the rebels, but also advised us on how to conduct these covert operations,” Pillsbury said.

Pillsbury told Inside the Ring that he was “delighted” that many of the things that would have been considered classified a few years ago were approved for publishing. Ronald Reagan also provided China advanced technology under a secret directive to strengthen China. The U.S. discontinued military assistance after the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre, but continued to provide other assistance.


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  1. General laborers are the reason that the human civilization survived for thousands of years. Remember, money was not always around. Now, their hard labor is not valued and they are forced to eat or starve while the rich get richer. Read a book!

  2. China doesn’t want Siberia. Russia – China conflict has been resolved for the most part, though it took over 70 years to dispute it. V. Putin has signed a treaty to hand China over the Islands of Manchuria. This is a big step in building China/Russia relations. Just look at the relation since, it all been wonderful with both countries economy grew and joint military operations, including over 100,000 Chinese troops training in Russia as we speak.

    China and Russia both have a common enemy, that is the USA. Xi Jinping knows for a fact the the recent attacks from the USA on Russia are unjust. In an event of war between Russia and USA, the Chinese has a strong obligation to protect their ally Russia. Or the USA will literally occupy 2,000miles of border along China. China will be next to attack if Russia falls.

    If you follow Russia and China meetings with lower rank officials, you understand their motives. China greed is to control the Pacific! Japan and S. Korea are major powers that has USA control. Taiwan also a conflict to the Chinese. But for leverage, N.Korea is armed that can shift US advances. Just for the record, the USA know N. Korea’s direct ambition, yet the USA think Iran and Russia is a greater theat? Why not bomb N. Korea USA? Because an attack on North Korea is an attack on China. Russia can help the Chinese ambitions in the Pacific, and they are doing just that, in return..the Chinese are helping Russia!

  3. It was said that the CIA had sent a team of 16 to exterminate Snowden physically, but the CIA lost 4 of them including the team leader in Macao.

  4. Right, and China tried to help US stay in South Vietnam, but the latter withdrew anyhow due to domestic pressure and the fierce attacks from the North,

  5. Russia is still selling weapons to the adversaries of China:
    India, Vietnam, ….
    Russia also sells some of the weapons to China,

  6. This is the CIA tactics putting a hammer between China and Russia.
    These reasons are:
    1. US can not shake russia at all.
    2. Jealousy of the relationship between china and russia.
    3. if putting something in between of them is always cost least for us.
    4. Using economic power to sanction Russia is always a cheapest way for us to do.
    5. Maximizing the US gain.

  7. It’s difficult to know how many of these allegations are really true. But competition between America, Russia, and China is going to be a THREE-RING CIRCUS for the rest of this century. Buy your tickets – and make sure that your seat belts are fastened!

  8. How arrogant stupidity pathetic government we have U.S. is caught often infiltrating other country’s communication and now is crying like girl.

  9. That is no secret. After sino-Soviet split, Nixon went to China and China tried to constrain Vietnam in Cambodia. Now US thinks it is the sole superpower and takes on both and thus pushes them together.

  10. I see why the world says Putin is the greatest leader on Forbes. China will have a serious problem if it is true. What Russia has endured i doubt if China can manage.

  11. I think at the first moment when Vladamir Putin came to power he seems to be intelligent and makes close the westerners and the eastern world close together. Even the less developing nations would get favorable condition. But ow a days, he becomes far from such kind of idea and attention rather entered in to new conflict with the western world. As a result, he again turn his face towards the developing nations rather to break the problem he faced in Ukraine. Anyway, God will give forgive him and turn in to the right road map.

  12. They may cozy up against US but they are mutually distrust one another. China will never give up its ambitions to annex Russia Siberia and the Far East. They will be at each other throat if they ever succeed undermine America and her allies. Its just nature of world politic muscle dummy!

  13. Apparently, both Russia and US want to use China against each other and China wants to use both to gain the strength of both. Let’s who will finally win out.

  14. Why does the world find it scandalous when U.S. is caught infiltrating other country’s communication, but when Russia, China, North Korea do it, it’s OK?!

  15. i think China realizes it can USE Russia to ramp up and become a stronger superpower if it dislodges the USA and works with (takes advantage of) Russia.

  16. Read a bunch of posts on here before commenting. Some people really need to understand, while fascinating, the news in this article is over a quarter century old. Events, policies, views, perceptions and the ever changing spectrums that shape our world are even now, changing faster than we can keep up with. History has important lessons, but don’t always confuse it with todays events, unless facts prove totally relevant.

  17. The only reason a country is poor is because rich countries use them for their labor. There is no reason for anyone to be poor other than to control them.

  18. Have you (David) and Paul heard of Karma? Don’t wish on others what you don’t want wished on you! Horrible, you two have a very dark souls!

  19. rich always get richer (they are smart). the poor always get poorer (they are dumb). the middle class stay in the middle (because they have average intelligence).
    occasionally someone brilliant arises out of poverty (and deserves a full-ride college scholarship, but not everyone just because they are financially “needy”) and several in the upper class will do some stupid things with the family money, like drink it all away or gamble it away or commit a serious crime and so on… otherwise, family inheritance can go on for generations like the Rothschilds and Rockefellers.
    otherwise corporate welfare (cronyism) is bad because the U.S. government is committing more and more of it and it is putting an exponential strain on the U.S. Debt. this is what is going to bury us all.

  20. yes, it is true, that both China and Russia sell their equities that they hold in our stock market. this is to try to collapse our market system as much as it is a hint that the two countries may be looking to make a military move as well. when u go into military operations, u need more money. if your money is in the market, then u need to yank it out in order to use it for military operations. the CIA knows this.

  21. Afghan rebels? The ones who became the evil doers and terrorists later…
    Must be enjoyed the taliban weekend beheadings. And obviously the biggest CIA asset Osama bin Laden. What a good job…. glorious…

  22. If the USA is to avoid another Housing Bubble-burst event as before, then it MUST repeal the Gramm-Leach-Bliley (GLB) Act. Currently, housing prices are starting to gain at increasing rates.

    As you know, after a decade of this (from ~1998 to 2008) the bubble which formed, burst and the stock market came crashing down because of the fall in housing prices.

    We DON’T want to see this repeat any time soon. Changes must be made: repeal the GLB act.

  23. China and FSB will not bring down USA… however the IGNORANCE of the FSB and Chinese may indeed bring the end of the world IF there is another world war… and then world war 4 will be fought with sticks and stones.

  24. Didn’t American (plus British) forces launch the greatest invasion since invasion of Troy with 1,000+ ships across the English channel to Normandy, France on D-day June 6th, 1944 in inclement weather over 72 hours (three days) which was successful and was probably THE TURNING POINT of the war… leading to the defeat of Germany?

  25. Didn’t Patton and American (plus British) forces create a second front in Western Europe that forced Hitler to bring his Tiger tanks out of Russia all the way back to western Europe to fight Patton so that Russians had it easy?

  26. Russia gave money to Bill Clinton. You wonder which candidates got money from China. I’m sure the communist countries have been able to influence our greedy (capitalistic) corrupt politicians more easily than our Republic has been able to influence theirs … with money.

  27. by implying that the USA is getting “exactly what it deserves” because you don’t DISAGREE with takedat’s post above, you are setting yourself up for failure… unless u can tell me u don’t live in the USA… because what comes around goes around, thus u will be getting “exactly what you deserve” soon too.

  28. So, now that Putin has sold China the S-400 interceptor missiles, does that mean he is going to point all his nuclear missiles at Europe and the USA instead of China? For that matter, does that mean China is going to join Putin in pointing all their nuclear missiles at Europe and the USA instead of Russia?

  29. It is the “best” anti-virus system probably because they are also the ones who CONSTRUCT the “best” viruses that get sent around the world … their product gets all the anti-virus app’s because they are the ones that solve their own set of viruses…

  30. The rest of us go to work every day sweating it out and paying lots and lots of taxes. This is what our government does with our hard-earned money.

  31. Traditionally, China and Russia have ALWAYS hated one another. It is only recently that the two are “joining” together at least publicly to show the strength of these two superpowers.

    Working to return China and Russia to enmities (frenemies?) would be good as some conflict between the two would certainly work in favor of the USA more than no conflict or even cooperation between the two.

  32. the more of the public that knows what this man knows, the better. an informed VOTER is a BETTER voter. If we understand that China is not in it for our best interest, then we will be less likely to be duped going forward by this newest superpower.

  33. yes, Putin is desperate, but China is not. China is going to get a good deal on Russian oil or gas or both. Further, Russia will push along the belief that the Chinese money (the Yuan) should become the new international standard or “reserve” replacing the American dollar.

  34. If that were true that China had once collaberated with the USA, what did the USA do to China to make China later realize that picking Russia and abandoning the USA is China’s right decesion ?

  35. CIA openly says that they destroyed the soviet union and wanted to destroy Russia. Now they are wondering why Russia wants back their historical lands where people want to be free of Washington.

  36. 2014 – 1974 = 40 years later and Deng Xiaoping’s words RING TRUE. China has become a bully, aggressive to Japan, the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. wanting everyone’s fishing grounds and also an island presently possessed by Japan (which has resources that China wishes to mine).
    China has a superpower number of soldiers, about 30 million compared to America’s 3 million which is more than the number of soldiers Russia has. So far however, China has less nuclear weapons than Russia which has less than the USA, but China is building a Navy and acquired its first aircraft carrier and will ally itself with Russia which plans to refurbish its Navy.
    Although Russia has the BEST fighter jet in the world with the T-50, better than the F-35 and probably better than the F-22, it is not planning to produce the prototype because of lack of significant military funding at the moment (i.e. sanctions are affecting the Russian economy). China’s J-20 is apparently not as good as advertised but looks strikingly similar to America’s F-35. No word on how many of these the Chinese will make yet.

  37. why do we continue to finance countries like China well after the mission is finished? are they still being financed in “other activities” since Tiananmen square, especially since China and Russia both are sending fighter jets at Japan which need to be intercepted?

    Is it not about time to cut China completely off of any assistance for “extra activities” they used to do?

  38. This is the latest trick by a feeble America to counter the absolute arrogant stupidity of US foreign policy to take on Russia and China at the same time.

  39. Mary, are you aware that the Federal Government here, does not count the hundreds of thousands, maybe even a million people who have exhausted their Unemployment Benefits, into the Unemployment Rate? There are upwards of 50 million unemployed persons who once were in the workforce. Also the Poverty level is a rigged number. The Government has not updated the criteria that they use to determine it, for many decades, like back in the 1950’s & 1960’s. We’ve something like 47 million people on the SNAP Program ( food stamps ) being the largest portion of benefits given. We’ve never really come out of the Deep Recession, as yet. The Government claims it ended back in 2009. Tom

  40. You know, we would die if we knew all the business deals that all country had going on. If any member of the Senate, or Congress told me it was raining outside I would have to go check. This world has a whole has not one Moral left. There is no grounds that they want sink to, For a lousy sinking dollar.

  41. I wonder what response is going to come from China. Looks like these revelations are an attempt to create mistrust and discord between Russia and China, who are a pain in a neck for America when allied.

  42. “If one day China should change her color and turn into a superpower, if she too should play the tyrant in the world, and everywhere subject others to her bullying, aggression, and exploitation, the people of the world should identify her as social imperialism, expose it, and work together with the Chinese people to overthrow it”—Deng Xiaoping at UN General Assembly April 1974

  43. You cannot be accused of treason unless it is in a time of declared war as per the law. So Snowden is a whistle blower that upset the system managers but not a traitor.

  44. As one commenter has pointed out, the Pillsbury book is material designed to create a divide between Russia and China
    who at the moment are getting close to each other due to the Russian oil and economy problem. We live in interesting times.

  45. Clearly there are alot of Wu Mao on here and a bunch of people who did not read the book. It is an outstanding book written by the most credible person we have on China. Pillsbury was our main man in Sino-US relations for every admin. since Nixon. He spent countless hours with Chinese leaders, including Deng Xiaoping and every subsequent leader up to Chairman Hu. The book is not about current Russian/Chinese relations. This article injects that into it. But the book is simply about showing how China has risen from a peasant society and continues to rise, and how the US has unwittingly helped them to do it. It is about Chinese thinking and how they think about the world and what their intentions are. Basically, the US has been duped.

    You have to remember, this is the same communist party that is still in power. The one started by Mao. The one that fought us on the battlefields of Korea, and the one who still does not like the US. They still have Mao on their currency for christs sake. They are not America’s friend. Read the book.

  46. hahaha WE the USA is the biggest problem if you look back and up to now every trouble we created and we attacked so many countrys for what DEMOCRACY hahaha for $ yes, sorry PEACE its a dream until WE stop fueling the WAR everywhere ,Central America its so so only Venezuela we try to destroy ,we give up Cuba, after 50 some years, its a joke about Ukraine so OK a give up I’m just a hard workng idiot ,i lost my voice I’m deaf . I do what is the order ? to survive

  47. You clearly have not read the book. The book is about past relations during the Cold War between China and the USSR. It is no secret that the US cooperated with China against the Soviets since Nixon. China and the Soviets almost went to war Einstein. That is common knowledge. Pillsbury is NOT writing the book about current Russian/Chinese relations. It is about CHina’s true intentions and their real plans against the USA.

  48. Good one. It is well-known that the US cooperated with China against the USSR. It is not intended to make Xi or Putin believe anything.

  49. Obviously you haven’t read it. It’s a great book. He is very qualified to discuss China, which is what the book is about. He was our #1 man to China since Nixon. Spent alot of time with China’s leaders, including Deng Xiaoping himself.

  50. No, Pillsbury simply is not a traitor. Read his book. He talks about how he once believed the lies of China and promoted them within the US Government. He is now trying to make people aware of what is happening. Since he worked for the CIA, certain things need to be vetted for national security. Snowden is a traitor and should be executed. Plus, Pillsbury’s book is not about exposing the US Government. It is about exposing China’s plan. Go take a nap Einstein.

  51. Question, Why would Michael Pillsbury want to speak about this issue to the public? Is he in financial hardship and hoping a book sell would help? If you want to expose the CIA and their actions, then speak up. Yet, going through CIA to authorize your book makes it pointless.

    Real operators like E. Snowden who exposed the US Govt and their actions really hit a nerve with the public and got the public to question the US Govt. People like him want this information public. Even if it cost them their lives, or in Snowden case, exile.

    Pillsbury is a cop-out.

  52. Which China we are talking about here? Republic of China (ROC a.k.a. Taiwan) or People Republic of China (PROC or red China)? CIA has been training Chinese CIA of ROC since WWII until 1978 to fight Japan and later communist PLA, to the best of my knowledge.

  53. The Russian people are being lied to by Putin and his fellow despots. I am Russian and it is propaganda and the people are kept in the dark about his madness to start a world war. NATO will shower nukes on Russia and the people will die and suffer beyond your imagination. His invasion of Ukaine will not make Ukrainian people so happy if they let him control them. There will be revolution and instability. Why do you think U.S. never took control over Germany or Japan after WW2? Because there would be unrest with the people and intolerance. Ukrainian people are Cossacks and will never tolerate Putin.

  54. The Russian people are being lied to by Putin and his fellow despots. I am Russian and it is propaganda and the people are kept in the dark about his madness to start a world war. NATO will shower nukes on Russia and the people will die and suffer beyond your imagination. His invasion of Ukaine will not make Ukrainian people so happy if they let him control them. There will be revolution and instability. Why do you think U.S. nave took control over Germany or Japan after WW2? Because there would be unrest with the people. Ukrainian people are Cossacks and will never tolerate Putin.

  55. China and Russia are neighbors separated by thousands of miles of border line. Historical territorial disputes between the two communist giants have been long and standing to this day with China feeling at the loosing end of the territorial border disputes. It’s not surprising at all that China would work with anyone to undermine her bitter neighbor in the north.

  56. Why would this info go public? it doesn’t do me a damn bit of good and can only be counter productive to our (USA) clandestine ops..Let’s leave sleeping dogs lye..Media, Media, nothing sacred?

  57. It is natural for there to be resentment of the US because it is a hegemon. Any hegemon will seek to maximize their power and they don’t want any other country to grow too strong and powerful because they creates a security dilemma for them. Please see John Mearsheimer’s theory of offensive realism.

  58. another sample of stupid /honestly is difficult to describe because is even lover then stupid ,lets say less then zero/ report with try to defend something

  59. Yes and no. The simple answer is if any country REALLY cared about China, they would have come to their aid in December 1937 when the Japanese were committing war crimes throughout China…. The US didn’t come in full force until after Pearl Harbor was attacked, and the Russians didn’t come in full force to Manchuria until August 9th, 1945, after Germany surrendered and after the US dropped two nukes on Japan…… Basically after Stalin died, Russian and Chinese relations when down the drain(research Sino-Soviet Border Conflict 1969 and the Sino-Soviet Split), it wasn’t until recently that Putin and Xi Jinping have solidified the Chinese Russian relationship once again, mainly because Russia is seeing the need for stronger ties to the Global East because he is getting too agitated with the US and EU.

  60. Thta is not what the experts are saying. You have claimed them to be “rigged” – those who in positions of expertise say they are legit. It is US arrogance that has its citizens thinking everybody wants to be in their place.

  61. The Chinese, unlike the ungrateful ignorant Europeans who were liberated by the Red Army, appreciate the fact that Russia defeated the 2 million Japanese army occupying China’s Manchuria during WW2.

  62. @Vikas, good trial but don’t expect Putin and Xi believe your stupid lie that is not worth the paper it is printed on.
    Vikas Shukla

  63. So the US was trying to get other countries to help it hack Russia but got hacked itself by the Russians instead. No wonder Kaspersky is the world’s best anti-virus. The Russians know their stuff.

  64. This is an American story period. Having China and Russia together means a disaster for western nations, so what to you do? divide and isolate through propaganda. Russia cannot risk selling the most advance missile defense system to China without knowing their true position and allegiance

  65. Mary, that 88% is as rigged as our Federal American Unemployment rate. I think is 5.5%, really it’s closer to 12% to 15%. The Government never gives the real figures. Putin controls the Media and many other core entities in Russia.

  66. Now don’t paint me a socialist, I don’t think benefits to being poor are good either. Safety nets also are a failure as no one will truly fear failure, thus not act carefully with their actions and life choices. The only thing I believe to benefit society is support when one becomes disabled.

    The poor will aspire on their own merit to better their lives, if they do not then they do not deserve it. However, my stance still remains that you don’t give benefits to the rich and expect a trickle down. It’s an asinine economic strategy.

  67. The US government is also owed over 16 trillion dollars in debt that owed to it by other countries, the interest from that is what they are currently using to pay the interest on the US’s debt.

  68. This excuse always amazes me – because lots of US debt is held domestically, does it mean the debt is any more likely to be forgiven without repayment than debt owned by foreign governments?

  69. ” We have worked off the idea that if you give benefits to the poor, they will behave and live off the labor of others. This has failed because wealth is produced by labor. not by distribution. The laborer and productive of US society are no longer rewarded for their labor and instead are forced to give it to the non-workers and the wealthy. Why work when you can get it for free?

  70. The Chess Game is many steps ahead. The reason we, the average Joe, cannot understand exactly where we are in the game of Politics is because of missing information…information that is absolutely no relayed to the american people….. as is the correct configuration for running any power. Never let on to the masses what leaders really do…..and keep them under a blanket of ignorance ….midst a facade, fantasyland of good will and happiness. .. The biggest product of any Nation, after all is it’s people. … God Bless The USA. :)

  71. now if we could just get a book from China to learn how much money they have given our politicians over the years. including presidential libraries.

  72. if i were the CIA i wouldn’t trust the Chinese as far as i can throw them. they don’t recognize the sanctions of the west. made a half a trillion dollar oil deal with Russias and other trade deals. for someone who is suppose to be attacking Russia it doesn’t look like it. it looks like the Chinese are acting like double agents for the Russians. just saying. when it come to spying who really trusts who. our so called closest ally Israel has been spying on us for years and visa versa. it that world its common practice im sure the ex-KGB colonel who is presently the leader of Russia understands and does not hold it against china. after all when money talks B.S. walks. you know.

  73. America in the near future, will be on the receiving end of Russian aggression against America. Our sanctions are pushing Putin toward this, as the general population of Russia’s living conditions, are spiraling downward. Before there is a full revolt of the people, he will act against us. God’s Word stands and will be fulfilled!

  74. The CIA wants to drive a wedge between China and Russia, using fake documentary videos and books written by real people using fake documents.
    What a “brilliant idea”, except it does not work because China and Russia, as we write, are working closer together than ever.

  75. What’s the difference? The US system has the advantage of today’s technology. Our navy’s not rowing itself around the world when the wind dies down. It’s snooping, infiltrating, playing a new game. America has fallen very close to the European and Asian genetic tree, ay? Following in our ancestors’ empirical footsteps.

  76. No, you are incorrect. Current US economic policies are to blame for our struggling banking system. We have worked off the idea that if you give better benefits to the rich, more will aspire to become rich. This failed and backfired for the past few decades, then doubled down on and failed and backfired again. This is not the result of China or Russia. Both combined could not hurt the US the way we hurt ourselves.

  77. This is to drive a wedge between China and Russia! And the book was written by a former CIA? LOLZ! And not to mention that the author of this article is Indian! hahahahaha!!1 Nice try anglo-zionazis! But try again!

  78. China has a naive strategy that Americans are wise to. And the Chinese mind-set and yearn for glory will be their own downfall in terms of their own grand strategy. America’s grand strategy is much more efficient and currently is working as intended.

    America is America’s biggest enemy, as the only real threat is our economic model. China has the economic output of New York City. As if that’s a threat to the whole country.

  79. Why would China do that? The U.S owe China trillions in dollars and will let the Russians in it too just mess up their own Piggy Bank which is the U.S. That does not make sense.

  80. So, can you explain how America ruining governments is somehow different than any other regime in the world invading neighbors and creating empires, taxing, taking resources, changing cultures, blah blah blah??

    Are you trying to say that the US invented “regime change”? Come on jr, wake up.

  81. Not propaganda.
    You are just in denial. Russia collapse hurts Europe, America just wants to minimize their influence and neutralize any threat Russia may pose.
    America has a history of ruining governments, and attempting to unseat leaders, this is not far-fetched and has been ok’d by US leaders but yet you doubt?
    You would doubt it regardless because you are just like other communist, brainwashed.

  82. Ha HA HA ..There is no friends only allies and even that is temporary. China and USA did not bring the Russians down but it seems like China and FSB will bring USA down or sorry bring the end of the world. No one has ever come back to life to tell us how is it beyond death not even those haitian zombies or those so called near experience blabla bla….but one thing is sure we are heading straight to the age of stones and sticks

  83. It is no secret that the Soviet Union and China were not friends and not by a long shot but things do change and they are,i don’t think that China would let Russia fall because now it is in their interests,as in my enemy is your enemy which makes us friends.

  84. post WWII, America has been on a mission to destroy anyone who does not see eye to eye with us and so far we have not been very successful in winning hearts and love from people around the world. We are broke and hated by more….

  85. The US only owes china over a trillion dollars and japan holds about as much as china does, most US debt is held by private citizens and the federal bank not foreign powers,. China also owes private US citizens 750 billion which they are currently refusing to pay.

  86. Ancient news. The U.S. lost important electronic monitoring stations (used to track Soviet ballistic missile flight tests) when the Shah of Iran fell (early 1979). Within a few years, it was widely reported that the U.S. and China were cooperating in that effort and that the Chinese had provided locations for U.S. monitoring facilities on Chinese territory. The cooperation with China on Afghanistan and Cambodia/Vietnam was also quite widely reported in the 1980s.

    An effort to “destroy” Russia after the fall of the USSR? What an utterly absurd claim. (It sounds just like the propaganda currently belching from Putin and his minions.) Russia was flat on its back economically and militarily for many years after 1991, but the U.S. took no actions to harm the Russians, let alone “destroy Russia.” (Had the U.S. wanted to do so, those years were the best opportunity in the last 100 years.) Passively monitoring Soviet and Russian missile tests is a LONG way from attempting to “destroy Russia.” So spare us the latter-day Russian propaganda nonsense.

  87. Again, misinformation spread by US governmedia. China has never treated US as friend. China is smart enough to see through the skin of sheep and identity the wolf inside. US is so naive and stupid to think they can use China to do their dirty job.

  88. It looks like a revelation, but no. It is well known that at the time China and Soviet Union were enemies. It is also very well known that China was helping the Cambodian revels against the Soviet backed Vietnam invasion of Cambodia. China also help the Angolan resistance against the Soviet and Cuban backed Angolan Soviet style communists. I haven’t read this book, but based on this information, the book may be good to teach the new generation about well known historical and political facts. No something new………. no a new discovery.

  89. People like to believe in their own propaganda. Especially the U.S. Why do you think jets always fly over every major sporting event? Nothing more than a propagandic sign of power and confidence.

  90. and you think Obama was President in 1982? I always thought right wing thinking was just for idiots….you proved me right, ha ha not right wing though.

  91. What are you talking about? This article dealt with the Reagan Administration and working with our adversary China, against our other adversary USSR. How does this story equate to the Obama Administration?.

  92. Once again BS to make you think that this administration has another countries support ,this administration has been so inept no one believes or would work with it and if they think so they are worst than I think

  93. LOL!! The BS from the neocons does not stop.
    The site’s name is Valuewalk. They should use a name that fits the characteristics of the crap they write. Maybe Craptalk, or Horsemanuretalk would be a more appropriate name.

    The disinformation machine on extra high gear! What a better way to try to isolate Russia?! Start the gossiping machine, just like in a small town. If you google the Shukla guy, you find about 200 Shuklas. They could have chosen a name like John Smith or Juan Hernandez.

  94. Don’t believe it. The CIA is always trying to make the Chinese look bad.
    China and Russia’s main enemies are Israel, England and the United States.

  95. If the US has so much influence over China, why is N. Korea not under control? N. Korea remains under Chinese power and is dependent on China for food and trade. Yet, the N. Koreans threaten all of the US allies in the region, including S. Korea and Japan. Unless, this is all just a conspiracy for the US to keep its allies S. Korea and Japan under its control with an illusionary threat to bolster its presence in the region. Hard to tell what is real these days?

  96. Very interesting how one maniac want to make career as “reporter of shocking news”, what is in America usually good for success. BUT, THIS LAI CAN NOT GET ATTENTION AROUND THE WORLD!

  97. You’d be surprised. One thing consistent with our government is that we’re willing to befriend any foreign national/government in the name of self-interest regardless of their form of rule, or else we would’ve plotted to overthrow the current Saudi government long ago.

  98. I would not be exited ; I think more likely the U.S and the Wests will joint together with

    the white Russian to get rid of the yellow skin and rare culture to them….

  99. why am I not surprised.
    few years from now we will learn how US staged a coup in Ukraine to overthrow legally elected president and install a puppet government.

  100. We all know that if Obama did something like this, everyone would call for impeachment. Reagan however gets to make deals with China, sell weapons to Iran, give weapons to the Afgans fighting the Soviets (which were later used to attack American soldiers), declare a so-called “War on Drugs” which wasted billions of dollars and overpopulating our prisons, and selling cocaine to the cartels to fund most of this stuff. Yeah, Reagan sure was the greatest president of the 20th century.

  101. Chinese have been alright in letting corps move there , polite, bowing , they can be rough also in dealings – Russians would have been a better partner perhaps..Wonder if it would have been or would be cheaper to build a bridge over the Baring Strait and drive over to Russia ? Oh they do have a ..

  102. It isn’t new and surprise, the big and rich country like USA, China… they can do every they want, one day to be friend, one day to be enemy and betray, trade and sell their friends, allies at anytime for their profit

  103. Thank you. So far all the posters expressed fear at the lack of security. But none have expressed any remorse for what the alleged documents revealed (if true). That is the trouble with the US – so self- righteous that they cannot see their own hypocrisy at doing exactly what they condemn others for doing.

  104. All I can say is: We are our OWN worst enemy and in order to look GOOD on the world stage we always Love to point fingers at other nation so that our own people stay fooled with the impression that nothing ever can happen(financially or militarily) to our nation.
    We are really MORALLY corrupt and don’t want to see and admit to our own mistakes and failures!

  105. What secret? It’s as if the author of this piece hadn’t read the State Department white paper on the U.S.’s use of the Sino-Soviet riff to our advantage back in the post-GCC Chinese environment of the early to mid-seventies. What in the world did he think all of that ping-pong diplomacy engaged in by the Nixon administration was about? This fellow may have an MBA in finance, but, apparently, history is not his strong suit.

  106. Russian hackers did this, and did that. Are we in debt to respond? Hell no! We’ve been doing same to almost all other countries for long time. So, why to complain?

  107. We the USA, have too many records on line for people to hack. What ever your keywords and pass words are others will gain access, to what you put on line ! All the so called expert program protectors can not keep people from gaining entry. Even only by word of mouth in person is not fail safe. Why be so stupid as to put these items on the air ? Of course doing so allows a faster “leak” of information. We also have way too many departments and division’s to correctly police, when they give more info to foreign countries then to other of our divisions.

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