BlackBerry Ltd Can Cure Smartphone Addiction: U.K. Politician

BlackBerry Ltd Can Cure Smartphone Addiction: U.K. Politician
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Blackberry smartphones featuring “limited functionality” provide a good way to get your mind off your handsets, conveys U.K. politician Ed Milliband who recently shared his views about BlackBerry in an interview with Absolute Radio. He said that after realizing his addiction to the iPhone, he decided to use a Blackberry, as the phone provides very few features to get hooked on.

Milliband switches to Blackberry

Milliband, during the time of general elections, got very obsessed with his iPhone, as he was continuously going through his Twitter profile to check for updates and watching various political commentaries on it. To check this, Milliband preferred to replace it with a Blackberry phone. In this regard, he said, “The good thing about a BlackBerry is that it’s harder to do those things, and so it’s more limited functionality.” The politician acknowledged that his opinion might upset the Blackberry owners.

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Further, Milliband talked about his affection for Major League Baseball, claiming to have become a Red Sox fan during his time as a teacher at Harvard University. So the U.K. politician should be aware that the MLB has refused to offer service to BlackBerry phones post-2015.

Is BlackBerry turning around?

The comments from the politician are in line with the consensus opinion of the tech world about BlackBerry phones. The list of apps provided by BlackBerry is not as extensive as its Android and iOS counterparts. And though the recent smartphones by the Canadian mobile firm are enabled to run Android apps, they sometimes prove to be inefficient in doing that, according to reviews of the BlackBerry Passport and Classic phones by Digital Trends.

The comments made by the politician might adversely affect BlackBerry’s reputation in the market. However, the Canada-based mobile company seems to be working towards a change, considering its financials. According to the data, BlackBerry surprised analysts by posting a net profit of about $28 million in the fourth. quarter. That’s in contrast with the $148 million loss the company reported last year for the same period. This should give a huge amount of confidence to the company. Moreover, the company announced that its messaging service, BBM, will be made available for use with Android wearables.

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