Activist Stocks: DuPont, Medifast, SanDisk, IBM

Activist Stocks: DuPont, Medifast, SanDisk, IBM

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  • DuPont has come out and said that fighting Trian and Nelson Peltz would cost $4B and hamper research capabilities.
  • Medifast decided to overhaul its board, removing 2/3rds its board members, at the behest of Engaged Capital.
  • Bernstein has pegged SanDisk as an activist target. The idea being it has a “huge” cash balance, strong IP and a vastly undervalued business. There’s a number of companies that could be interested in buying the company.


Hedge Fund Launches Jump Despite Equity Market Declines

Last year was a bumper year for hedge fund launches. According to a Hedge Fund Research report released towards the end of March, 614 new funds hit the market in 2021. That was the highest number of launches since 2017, when a record 735 new hedge funds were rolled out to investors. What’s interesting about Read More

  • @rob_cyran from Reuters puts together a piece on DealBook, essentially rebuffing the idea that IBM might be the target of an activist investor. This comes as Big Blue has already sold off its most vulnerable divisions and slashed the majority of its costs. The answer for IBM is to simply up its R&D spending [link]

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