Fight Against ISIS Is A World War 3: King Abdullah

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Jordan’s King Abdullah called the fight against the Islamic State or DAESH a World War 3. In an interview with Fareed Zakaria of CNN, he urged Christians, Muslims and other religions to unify in the fight against the Islamic State. “This is a World War 3,” Abdullah said. ISIS has been aggressively recruiting new members from across the world.

ISIS more like to achieve its goal of precipitating World War 3

ISIS has taken control over sections of countries. It has seized multiple oil fields that provide a steady stream of income. The Jordanian King added that the fight against ISIS is not just a Western fight. It’s a fight within Islam as well. Calling ISIS fighters “outlaws,” King Abdullah said they twist Islam and use “intimidation” as their weapon. ISIS always tries to scare, intimidate and “put fear in people’s hearts.”

He said that the ISIS is trying to “invent falsely a linkage to a caliphate.” Some international security experts believe that the ISIS wants to start World War 3 to draw as many countries into the conflict as possible. Frank Gaffney from the Center for Security Policy says the ISIS fighter are more likely to achieve their goal of precipitating World War 3 than the rest of the world will be in preventing them.

Jordan took a more active role after Moath’s immolation

The Jordanian King took a more active role in the fight against the Islamic State after ISIS militants burned alive Moath al-Kasaesbeh, a Jordanian air force pilot. In December, the DAESH captured Moath when his plane went down during airstrikes. For over a month, Moath al-Kasaesbeh’s family begged ISIS to let him go.

But all hope ended last month when ISIS released a video tape showing the immolation of the 29-year-old pilot in a cage. The brutal video shocked the entire world. King Abdullah told CNN that he did not watch the video. He felt sadness for the family of Moath.

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