Google Search Will Now Tell You How To Make A Cocktail

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Google is about to simplify things for mixologists and ordinary folks who want to learn how to make the perfect mojito. The new search feature offers a step-by-step guide which includes an ingredient list and garnish ideas for popular cocktails. This addition makes Google more like a personal virtual assistant and an even stronger competitor for Apple’s Siri.

Google makes innovative changes to search features

Google previously added Knowledge Graph, a search feature that supplements organic search results and summarizes information from the web. The feature initially addressed queries involving people, objects or places. Since the launch, the search giant has gotten more and more complex queries. Just last month, Google added important medical facts to user queries about health.

The new cocktail search feature is a notable update. Since there is no single way to make a cocktail, Google gathers information from preferred and popular recipes based on search data. Google claims its information comes from multiple sources including Wikipedia and content websites. The recipes are cross-checked for consistency and come with a link to the search results.

Google wants to meet user needs

To keep everything fresh, Google will constantly update the feature to match what users are searching. Google’s latest venture strongly suggests it wants to be a lifestyle companion rather than just another search engine. The tech giant reports that people search for a wide range of topics on its site, and 15% of the queries it receives every day are new. It is necessary for the company to keep up with user demand. Thanks to the advent of smartphones and mobile technology, people are more reliant on getting immediate answers than ever before.

Google is one of the leading websites on the internet and the most-used search engine throughout the world. In efforts to remain relevant in a growing mobile world, Google needs to fine-tune search and add new features on a frequent basis to keep users interested.


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