Apple Watch Clones Already Spotted In China

Fake Apple Watch clones are already being spotted in China less than a week after the updated report from Apple. The wearable isn’t available for purchase untIl late April, but pre-orders begin early next month. Some companies in China are already selling cheap clones of the device at prices as low as $50.

Apple Watch Clones

A look at Apple Watch imposters

Many of China’s biggest online retailers including Tmall and plan to sell the new Apple Watch once it becomes available. It is crucial for the country’s top retailers to bring products from the western world as it increases profits and meets customer demand. Many of the same retailers are also selling cheap knock-off versions of such products, and the Apple Watch is no exception.

Some of the products count as counterfeit and others count as “homage”. Chinese-based retailer Alibaba previously landed in hot water over counterfeit items that caused the company to remove most dubious products on the website. Quartz shows a thorough roundup of the Apple Watch clones. Most of the cheap-looking copies look like the Watch Sport, and that makes sense considering those willing to spend for the Watch Edition don’t mind paying more. Some of the notable watch clones come with Android-based software.

Possible issues with Apple Watch knockoffs

Although most devices come with a reminder about the item is not a product of Apple, some of those same devices claim to have more power than the actual watch. Although most customers know better than to purchase a cheap knockoff, some customers may find themselves tempted to buy the knockoffs, especially if they are looking for a serious bargain.

Apple could also find problem sharing shelf space with imposter products. Whether or not the Cupertino-based tech giant takes concern or legal action over the imposters remains unknown. Apple previously filed lawsuits against Samsung and other Android phone makers over patents, so it is possible Apple could go after Watch imposters.

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