Apple May Offer Personal Engraving Service To Watch Buyers

Apple May Offer Personal Engraving Service To Watch Buyers
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Apple knows it’s upcoming Apple Watch will make an ideal gift for those who crave a little luxury in their life. One French website reports the Cupertino-tech giant may personal engraving option similar to engraving options already offered for iPhones and iPads.

Apple may offer engraving option for Watch

The source isn’t sure of the option’s availability right at release but remains positive the customization option will become available in time. The option to engrave would appeal to the fashion conscious consumer. The only question that remains about this purported rumor is where the engraving would reside. On the backside of the watch, there is a heart rate sensor that takes up nearly the entire space. There is a small possibility of more room on the opposite side of the Digital Crown.

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Apple has yet to confirm this report. The tech giant is set to hold a special event that will likely involve the upcoming smart watch. Although the device slated for an April release,  the upcoming event is expected to divulge details and more information about the highly anticipated device. Price details and the official launch day will likely be among the list of the event’s topics.

iPad Pro rumors and speculations

In other Apple-related news, the tech giant is also rumored to release a larger 12.9 inch iPad. A recent report indicates the device may feature USB 3.0 for improved transfer speeds between the tablet and computer. It could also include additional USB I/O ports. Speedier I/O points toward an iPad with a whole other purpose. Rumors suggest the upcoming tablet would be geared towards professionals in medical and business industries.

A larger tablet would also mean a larger battery. A bigger display with the same pixel range of the current iPad would call for a more powerful battery.


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