Apple Offers Gift Cards To Android Users Who Switch

Apple Offers Gift Cards To Android Users Who Switch
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Apple wants Android users to make the switch. The Cupertino-based tech giant now offers a special promotion for Android users who want to trade up their current phones for the iPhone.

Apple’s retail stores reportedly will offer gift cards for used smartphones, including smartphones that are not Android-based. The new trade-in program is quite similar to Apple’s current Reuse and Recycle program, which started two years ago; this program allows users to trade in old iPhones for a newer model at a lower price.

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Apple hopes to win over Android customers

9to5 Mac first reported the tech giant’s special promotion for Android users, and the website cited information from unnamed sources. The new program is reportedly set to debut in the upcoming months. Employees who work at Apple’s retail stores will have the ability to transfer contact lists from other smartphones to the iPhone. However, customers will still be responsible for sending over the rest of the data on their own.

Apple tops the list of smartphone makers on the market, and it aims to continue on the path of success. Some of the Android phones currently on the market (like Samsung and HTC phones) rival the iPhone in terms of design and technology. Samsung and Apple took many of their patent battles to court.

Apple’s ongoing battle with Android

In the quest to dominate the entire smartphone industry, Apple has taken to strong measures to lure Android phone owners. During the operating system upgrade for iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus owners, the tech giant posted a guide with detailed instructions on how to transfer data from Android to iOS. Apple knows it takes more than just savvy advertising tactics to win over a rival’s customers. It takes incentives to bring in more consumers. The company makes it easy for customers to switch and even rewards them with gift cards. Time will tell if this latest marketing tactic proves successful.

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