Zynga Inc Unveils First Look At ‘New Empires & Allies’

Zynga Inc Unveils First Look At ‘New Empires & Allies’

Realizing the growing popularity of the action-strategy segment, Zynga will soon release a new version of its game Empires & Allies

Zynga has unveiled the first look at its upcoming action strategy title Empires & Allies. The title was originally announced in December and is based on the game maker’s popular Facebook title Empires & Allies, which was removed from the social network in 2013.

More options to keep players interested

In the new version, players will lead their own army with more options on the choice of players and strategy. In the trailer, Empires & Allies general manager and veteran real-time strategy game developer Mark Skaggs and principal game designer Cameron McNeil provide details on the new version.

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In Empires & Allies, players need to save the world from terrorist attacks. The combat title offers both single player and multi-player gameplay and various social features such as allowing users to join alliances, hit enemy bases and climb leader-boards. As players progress, they gain more resources to develop their own base.

The new game from Zynga is scheduled for a worldwide release in the next few months and presently is being tested in a few of the regions.

Zynga needs action-strategy games

During the last earnings call, Zynga announced the release of two new games this year. One, as we know, is Empires & Allies, while the other is also an action strategy game called Dawn of Titans. NaturalMotion, which Zynga acquired last year for $527 million, is working on Dawn of Titans

A report from Seeking Alpha says that this should come as positive news for investors that the game maker is aware of the fact that farming simulation games are not a popular category on mobile. According to January 2015 data from App Annie, strategy games take the top spots when it comes to money making.

NaturalMotion has all the skills needed to develop highly-detailed, hyper-realistic 3D games like CSR Racing. As per the report, the Dawn of Titans is more likely to have better effects and graphics than Clash of Clans, which was launched two years ago when smartphones were not so advanced in terms of graphics processing units.

If Zynga is able to come up with a Clash of Clans-like game that also makes full use of current smartphones’ much-improved 3D gaming capability, then there are good chances the game may be able to attract players away from Clash of Clans.

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