Facebook Inc Mention App Lets Celebs Share on Twitter, Instagram


Facebook has updated its Mention app to allow celebrities to share content posted on Facebook with Twitter and Instagram

Facebook launched an app for celebrities and other influential people called Mentions in July of last year. The app was launched for the purpose of allowing popular users to keep track of interactions and sharing with their fans. Now a new ability has been added to the app by the company allowing “influencers” to share their content on other social platforms like Twitter and Instagram.

Facebook Inc Mention App Lets Celebs Share on Twitter, Instagram

More options for celebrities

To share a post through the new Mention app, a user just needs to select from the options on the menu button just above the post. In addition, it is possible for celebrities to add to their feed the topics that interest them such as hashtags and the names of other celebrities. This way they will be able to keep track of not only the posts that mention them but also the public posts on the topics that interest them.

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“In addition to the features above, you can still use Mentions to host a Q&A, see posts from people you follow, and read trending stories all in one place,” said a blog post.

The Facebook app will notify the celebrities if any user tags them in a status update. This way celebrities will be able to respond to their fans updates. Each week more than 2 billion interactions take place between users and fans as reported by Facebook. The social networking giant added that some celebrities like Mariah Carey, Samuel L. Jackson and Whoopi Goldberg are doing exactly the same thing using the app.

Twitter support surprising but logical

Since Instagram is owned by Facebook, its support does not come as a surprise, but Twitter’s support is actually surprising and was not expected at all. But it is smart thinking from the social networking platform as it assures that celebrities share their content first on Facebook.

Only users with verified Facebook pages can make use of the Mentions app. The verification process for pages requires approval from the social network. Users will definitely want their favorite celebrities to have Facebook pages of their own and make use of the new app to keep their fans informed.

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