China Supports Russia Against Western Powers

China Supports Russia Against Western Powers
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China has openly come out in support of Russia against the Western powers in Ukraine crisis. That’s quite unusual considering Beijing has been reluctant to back Moscow over Ukraine. A top Chinese diplomat said Friday that the Western powers should take into consideration Russia’s security concerns over Ukraine.

China asks the West to abandon the zero-sum mentality

Qu Xing, China’s ambassador to Belgium, said in an interview with the state-run Xinhua that the Ukraine issue stemmed from the country’s internal problems. But it escalated mainly due to the competition between the West and Russia. Without “external intervention from different powers,” the problem would not develop into a serious crisis, he added.

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Xing urged the West to “abandon the zero-sum mentality” with Russia. Otherwise, Kremlin would feel anxious that the West, including the U.S. and European Union, was squeezing its geographical space “by extending influence in eastern European countries.” Russia claims that the former Soviet states come under its “sphere of influence.” But many of those countries have joined NATO, diminishing Kremlin’s influence. That’s one of the reasons Vladimir Putin has blamed the West for Ukraine crisis.

China taking sides with Russia?

The Chinese diplomat said that Russia would feel it was being treated unfairly if the Western powers did not change their approach. Xing warned that the U.S. involvement in Ukraine crisis would be a big distraction in its foreign policy, including its “Asia re-balancing strategy.” Until now, China has cautiously avoided getting involved in the struggle between the West and Russia over Ukraine’s future.

The U.S. and European Union have criticized Moscow for backing separatists in eastern Ukraine. Last week, Ukraine accused Russia of sending more troops and tanks into the eastern Ukraine. Earlier this week, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov accused Western countries of trying to impose their ideology on the rest of the world.

Ukraine crisis has plunged the U.S.-Russia relations to their lowest level since the Cold War.

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  1. 1. This is a response to a comparison of US presidents with Stalin and Mao.
    2. This is a defense of US presidents compared to Stalin and Mao.
    3. The subject of the conversation is causing deaths, not being elected, or the democratic system.

    Maybe all that went over your head because sloganeering is easier than thinking.

  2. If you think we have control over anything you are pretty naïve. Good thinking people have no control, control belongs to those who hide in the murky dark and long for power, often money and sometimes even glory and there are plenty of those on both sides. And it doesn’t matter who you present as a puppet to “represent” you, they are always pulling the strings. But then you didn’t really think that e.g. the worlds arms industry was run by do-gooders, did you?

  3. Some US presidents have been bad. Usually America has been reluctant to go to war. Russia jumped into Poland in ’39 but America did not enter until almost 1942. In the first world war America did not enter until 1917.
    Still, Stalin and Mao each killed 50-100 times more people than any US president.

  4. Yeah you were born in of those countries and that was long time ago cry baby. The fact is that the west provoked Russia and for your information I spent quite a bit of time in Ukraine. I was actually in the Donetsk and luhansk areas for extended periods of time in 2012 and 2013 and i have friends in both areas. So i think I know a little mor than you when it comes to what is going on there.

  5. Yes that is called true love for your leader. In the West our leaders are s#um bad. NO misinformation dude. I have friends in Donetsk and Lugansk so I get the real info. You are the one that relies on bS that is printed by the mass media.

    How come USA could not wait 3 months for the elections that Yanokovich agreed to. How come one day after signing a deal with RUssia, and europe, Ukraine to hold faster elections Maidan gets violent.

    How come nazi members are allowed to Join the Ukrainian Army.

    How come Ukraine nor the USA will release satellite images or conversations indicating what happened before flight MH17 was blown out of the air. You know why because it will show that it was not the rebels.

    you are the misinformation midget here

  6. The Third Reich is equally ancient history carried out by an Austrian born leader of a country that no longer exists. If you want to blame someone for ancient history, go right back to the Holodomor which killed more that the 2,000,000 you thought was such a clever big number. Same rules for all.

  7. It’s the public spend so American clout comes from us buying garbage made in china, china is not the only act on planet earth pea heads trying to say that every thing is made in china, there are plenty of third world countries on this planet.

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    composition ability. Did you even go to school and learn how to write in
    English? Save your face for the last time little gay.Correct your
    mistakes now! Idiot and stupid? i wonder if you know any other words to
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  16. How much more black and white before the west start to realize that China is not a partner to do business with or to solve world problem with ?

    When a country of this side and this power to support a Nation who try to invade and rob it’s neighbor’s land, this is not a legitimate and credible nation to partner in solving any world issue.

    The West before capitalism make them rich and greedy, they used to have and practice a good ideology.
    Today the West is driven by greed. They all knew by making Chinese rich they make china more powerful and eventually a powerfully enemy, but yet the west continue to do business with them. Why? because the 1% greedy bastards in the west can get even richer.

    The more the west do business with China the more the west become incapable. In other word the West is on drug.
    No One in the west has big enough ball to change this course. And this is reality, our enemies becomes more powerful.

  17. Ok let me give you a little lesson in English grammar. You should start with a capital letter. Use less comma, as your sentence is too long. Lastly, end your sentence with a period. So Little gay, did you learn something for today? Your Mama will be proud of you!

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  20. No, you don’t understand. The Northern part of Georgia was part of Russia until rather recently and there was a strong animosity between the Georgians and ethnic Russians – far more than in Ukraine. The Georgians decided to conduct a little ethnic cleansing to get rid of their Russian problem and Russia stepped in to stop them. Russia could have easily taken over all of Georgia, but had no interest in doing so. It just set up a defensive live to stop the killing.

    Oh, and there are no Russian paid comment writers. No one reading Yahoo comments is important enough for Russia to pay people to influence them. Neither you nor any other reader here is a mover and shaker of world opinion.

  21. No one in southamerica likes Russia or estupid scumbags like you. Please come to Colombia to give you a token of our frienship to commies

  22. Plane wash shot with small projectiles (bullets) from plane in sky as official malesia report said after investigation. Russia give satelite shot of Porosenkos plane behind passenger Airliner. As soon after that proof and malesio investigation USA stop talk lies and propaganda about this like it never hapend. This is what you americans do. When its proved its youre fault you act like it ever happend… Youre 100 lies doesnt beat proof, investigations, facts and pictures…

  23. Did you ever seen votes 97%in any civilized country , such vote can be only in Russia and N. Koria. When i lived in Russia -the votes even were 100% . There were 100000-13000 people, who voted in Donesk. Donest is a city of couple millions. So, dont spread misinformation . And now you will tell us that civilians of Donesk went to supermarkets bought tanks, “grads” , bobms and some very advased arms , that only Russia has and fight regular army. Simple workers are so skilled , that they could shout down not only ukrainian,s military plans, but civilians aircrafts on 5-8 km hight. Don,t you know that such skills come after many years of training.

  24. PS Crimera was democraticly voted with 96%. Vote of free poeple is not agression its democracy, something you americans should learn since you are against free will of free people…

  25. Its fact. This is 21 centuary of hi-tech era where even one 12 old child have smartphone, and still in one and half year you didnt give 1 single photo of those famous “Russian agresions”, you are based on “talk” and “sounds like” as arguments… Talking stories only is propaganda, claim whatever you wanna…

  26. Its not problem manufacturing. USA do have companies but noone of them is in USA all of them are in easter lands… Obama asked Stiv Jobs why fabrics are not in USA, Stiv said americans are lazy and less productive then China…

  27. Do you learn history? Russia give 26 milion lives while USA give zero in WWII. Yesterday when Chechens said they dont wanna USA in their nland they were terrorists and today they are children with flowers… Americans said stuff diferently how suits them… Not to mention that most famous bloodiest video on youtume where chechens cut Russian head with knife… And you are to talk USA have bases all over the world. Most of them was created after USA bombed some countries… Just to remind you trouble in Ukraine was started with USA coup on legal goverment… Russia was then buisy with olimpics. Strange how Ukraine was on piece all this time untill USA medle 5000 miles from own home ha?

  28. Do you learn history or you just think on your own?! Should you know, Putin will never stop. He took over Chechnia, part of Georgia and Moldova. If not stopped now, he will take Poland, Baltic countries.

  29. I don,t understand: or you don,t know what happened in Georgia, Moldova, Ukraine, where Russia created situation , to get territiries; or you are one of russian paid comment writers

  30. ?rett, how would you like, if Michigan or Califonia votes to be part of China? There are a lot of chineese in in both states? about Crimia: 350000 tatas and ukrainians , native population of Crimea, were removed in 3 days in 1944 from thier land and sent to Kazahstan. Thier houses were given to russians who were moved into Crimea after that. The same happend in Donesk. Stalin created in 1932 famine, 3 mil of ukrainians died, government moved russians into that area after that. …. Lean history. Russia grew in 400 years from mini state in 400 miles in diametre into giant state due to endless wars. only after war ending in 1945 Russia took over Western Ukraine, Baltik countries, Ruled in Poland, Czech republick, Hangery, Bolgaria, East Germeny like in ther domane. If not stopped by American troops In 1945 , all Europe would be under KGB rul of Russia.putin now wants to restore his powers in that countries, so he will not stop in Ukraine! Whow do you like that?russians start talking even about returning Alaska to Russia.

  31. Putin pays millons to media all over the world to promote his policy. There are a lot of payd comment writers here too. Like RISSAL. Language of trol, like we call such writters, very strong

  32. Millions of Ukrainians protested for 3 month in the capital of Ukraine demanding govenmet to resign. How did West overthrow that government?! Did you see on TV THAT PROTESTS? Do you think all people are slaves and could not think or do anything on their own without governments of USA or Europe?!

  33. by the way, Odessa is not legally in Russia. It is in the mid of Ukraine .
    If developed world not stoped Russia now, it will dominate the world with its medevel political rul, with one God in charge-Putin-KGB. Putin kills / destroys anybody who opposes you want to live in the world with 15th century laws, This is todays Russia

  34. China supports Russia for one reason only. China wants to take over more territories in Asia and therefore supports Russia in order to win Russian support in the future

    China will try to dominate the Indian Ocean, islands belonging to Japan, Taiwan, and more.

    Fortunately for Russia and China who deals wuth tham ar cowards American and European, and their Lutheran approach would bring the Russian and Chinese takeover of the world

  35. Russia warned repeatedly about the consequences of the partition of Kosovo, and the precedent it would create for Odessa and Abkhazia, which were trying to secede from Georgia; the West/USA ignore the warnings. Now Abkhazia and Odessa are legally in the Russian side.

  36. Not quite. China wants peace in Ukraine so that China can make money on both sides. A permanent peace means a balance buffer between Russia and the Western powers in Ukraine and Eastern Europe. Not considering that would be tension and wars.

  37. They OPENLY made a pact back in 1998 against NATO and America , That they would not stand for NATO world police coming into their areas .It was reported internationally .No news here.

  38. the us and china are partners.without the us global stationed fleets,chinese exported cargos and imported crude oil are easier to be looted by pirates or some minitias

  39. the west should cup up their ears with their palms since the dimplomat is just one among 100 odd sent to the globe.the best way the west to shun such suggestions might be to label their natives who ask their own governments to consider russian security concerns as KGBs.

  40. Putin isn’t just blaming the West for Ukraine crisis. Majority of the world is aware that west played a big roll in overthrowing Ukraine government.

  41. all your politician are war mongerers, half population voted for John McCain for president, he is a mentally ill warmongerer, so half of US population is sharing his ideas as they voted for him…..and this circus with democratic and republican party, hahah, you need to wake up…Dude…

  42. Russia and China have 100’s of years of mutal political and economic interest, as i have said in the past USA will be doomed if they dont stop war mongering across the world and leave other countries to resolve their internal problems themselves

  43. okay….you are a proof that too many idiots have access to media these days, it should be taken from you, it does not do you any good….and yeah, don`t forget to take your pills :))

  44. I was born in a country that was part of those eastern ones as you put it. So unless you have lived in a state rulled by the “great” russian to actually know what it’s like, just shut the f*** up.
    Those are sovereign states and can join whatever organisation they chose to. Democracy in Russia does not excist, they would put teenage girls singing about the prick that Putin is, let alone people cast their votes. There are plenty of critics that one could direct to US, EU etc and probably rightfully so, but whenever there’s an argument on who’s the lesser evil that just makes me laugh. If you like itso much, go spent some time in mother russia, I bet it’d be great

  45. yeah, if someone has a different opinion from the one of systematically brainwashed American or Briton, he must be automatically a Russian troll, uncle Sam needs you idiot :)

  46. yeah like US and UK, the most bloodthirsty nations in world, if you knew a little about history and have not been systematically brainwashed, you would understand why.

  47. hahah, another brainwashed fool, you are not even allowed your own
    opinion, whole generations before you have been brainwashed harder than
    people in North Korea and you do not even realize it, uncle Sam needs
    you rhetardo :)

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  49. hahah, another brainwashed fool, you are not even allowed your own opinion, whole generations before you have been brainwashed harder than people in North Korea and you do not even realize it, uncle Sam needs you retard :)

  50. The Holomodor is ancient history carried out by a Georgian leader of a county that no longer exists. If you want to blame someone for ancient history, start with Wounded Knee and work back over the 2,000,000 native Americans that this county wiped out. Same rules for all.

  51. Oh, the damned plane. No one knows yet who shot down the plane over Ukraine – and Ukraine has refused to let the final report be released, but we all know who shot down Air Iran flight 65 during the Gulf war, killing 298 civilian passengers – The US. So, if an accidental tragedy of that sort is a crime, start calling for war crimes trials for the Americans who did that, or shut up about it. fair for one is fair for all. Same rules apply to both sides.

  52. I doubt that Abkhazia and South Ossetia are even a blip on most people screens. Neither has asked for recognition from anyone because they both hope to re-integrated with Russia eventually. I guess they still have hard feelings towards the Georgians who tried to wipe them out.

  53. So the chinaman has no problem with Russia invading a sovereign country. They are and always will be the scum of the world.


  55. Apples to Oranges. There are American troops stationed in several European countries and the level of cooperation is not even remotely comparable, especially globally.

  56. China is simply supporting their new vassal state: Russia. It was part of the deal that Russia’s Liar in Chief Putin had to make with the Chinese when they bent him over, and shoved the gas deal up his puckered putin. Then they decided that it would be best to back Russia’s tyranny in Ukraine, given their own brand of enslavement they practice in Tibet….

  57. This thread reeks of pro Russian trolls repeating Kremlin-sponsored propaganda. I can almost smell the cigarette smoke and vodka through my screen

  58. Why all the awe and glory to USA or to Russia? &$*!^!& that, they represent only 7% of the world’s population combined, what about the remaining 93%? All smoke and mirrors, its like other places don’t exist.

  59. It was the USA that illegally backed an overthrow of a democratically elected government. It was the USA that came up with fake reasons to attack Iraq, Afghanistan, and a host of other sovereign nations. It was the USA that reneged on the agreement they signed in 1990 stating that no eastern european country would be allowed to join Nato. The list goes on dude. Do a little research. Crimea was not annexed that is propaganda. The citizens of crimea voted to join Russia.

    Don’t forget what USA did in Kosovo.

  60. Let’s not forget, Russian empire helped the US achieve independence from Britain. They supported the establishment of the 13 colonies. You can look it up on google.

  61. That’s a lot of enemies. USA better buy some cheap Chinese made weapons to defend against aggression from the Middle East as comrade Obama is shutting down arms factories.

  62. I think you forget that China, Brazil, Hungary, Greece, Cyprus, almost whole of South America, etc support Russia to. The USA has lost its manufacturing base and history shows that a nation that has little to no manufacturing base cannot hold onto the top dog position .

  63. I agree with the Chinese. I can understand why Russia doesnt want NATO on their doorstep. The US Government is supporting a government that took power through a military ku. Look if the people of Chimea want to be a part of Russia instead of a government that took power through a military ku I dont have a problem with it.

    But if its as simple the US doesnt allow the Ukraine to join NATO, and the Russian stop backing the rebels, lets be done with it.

  64. only if they were actually fighting the U.S within the borders of U.S.. no body is going into Russia it is all in ukraine , however Russia likes to go into places and then get upset when that place actually wants to defend itself.. and U.S is not and will not attack mexico or Canada… and come to think of it, Russia has stirred up troubles in western hemisphere from time to time

  65. In USA, we are taught to work hard and earn….to buy Chinese goods….why not just wave the Chinese flag? Economic defeat is looming for USA… just sell the White House and make it the China House

  66. Dude…you need to relax. American might have made mistakes in foreing policy but look at the leaders that are gone now that the world is free of. usa dont hate you man.

  67. USA has started two wars in Iraq and Afghanistan…killed thousands of civilians….so what’s one passenger jet shot down by Russia in comparison. Go figure!

  68. All american products are made in china – all youre fancy apple products, electroinstalations, computers, microelectronics, mechanical parts, gadgets, all products are made in china… I agree on this, because then USA would have nothing…

  69. Sounds like Russian propaganda. It wasn’t the West that illegally annexed Crimea, invaded Ukraine and shot down a passenger jet filled with civilians.

  70. Russians newer did agresion nowhere. Its sad and pathetic USA propaganda and lie all over BBC and CNN every day without single picture to suport their lies in 21st hi-tech centuary where even 12 old kid have smartphone with camera… Crimera was voted 96%, Dontesk 89% and Lugansk 92% on referendum(percentages USA never had in history). Thats called democracy of free peoples not agression. Something USA should learn since they are only ones against thiese votes as their puppet Porosenko who was illegaly put on head of Ukraine…

  71. USA created own enemys. Hostile altitude towards Russia, China, India, whole Muslim world make 5.5 bilion of people USA enemies. Thats almost whole world against USA…

  72. How about the number of countries willing to put up with Russian aggression? Let’s see who acknowledges Abkhazia and South Ossetia as sovereign states: Nicaragua, Venezuela, and Nauru.

    Russia’s only friends?

  73. USA and China need each other as trading partners. The whole portrayal of them as enemies is a sensationalist fabrication to sell newspapers and generate clicks.

  74. Well, if China wants to get involved now in the matter of sovereignty, then let’s talk about Taiwan and Tibet. China, keep your ugly nose out of affairs you know little about or you will get burned. Ukraine is a European problem. Let them deal with it.

  75. Our government impose taxes on all imports, we did to Vietnam, cuba, I am sick of china garbage. My wife is from Vietnam and I have spent time there, China needs to be scaled back any way possible.

  76. I would like to say ” Ukraine is none of both sides business, let Ukraine takes care themselves, both sides are not supposed interfere Ukraine domestic affairs, lift the sanction against Russia, both sides should live peace.

  77. Why are you limiting history to the last 50 years? Look at what Europe and America have been responsible for over the last 500! In fact, think about how America was even born. You people always seem to forget that. Put things into PERSPECTIVE

    As for your computer/software and T tech, you would have none of that if the Chinese hadn’t invented paper and gunpowder and the Arabs the zero. In fact, if Arabs hadn’t preserved the culture and knowledge Europe destroyed pre-renaissance, probably Europe (and by extension, America) would never have recovered from the dark ages! You have a very limited knowledge of global history and developments and have obviously spent far too much time reading anti-literature.

    As for food, well, let’s not have too close a look at how we in the west now run Africa’s food politics what with economic dumping, destruction of food piles and those wonderful little deals we do with pseudo-dictators for their countries’ resources where our payments never really leave the West to benefit those lands but stay conveniently put in (often private) bank accounts feeding our market economy and credit bubbles.

    We have a lot to be proud for, don’t we. Oh, and wasn’t it your version of the Free world that was content to allow lynching for decades, and all that in the name of a “religion”.

    What goes around, comes around.

  78. Free nations????
    You mean America, a nation founded by robbing others of their land and resources?
    You mean Europe, a collection of warring nations (including much amongst each other) that colonized or attacked just about every country on this planet at some time?

    You mean the West that built its wealth through slavery, the annexation of other peoples’ resources and other really moral ways of imposing its need for greed?

    By the way, you seem to have little idea of Chinese innovation or creativity and most American was either bought or imported, don’t confuse innovation with marketing.

  79. Do you know there are only 5 countries in the world that have not been ruled by Europe? You should have a more global look at history before spinning off against China, who has been more a victim of imperialism than imperialistic. And being Vietnamese, maybe you should reserve a little of your criticism towards China and Russia for that good old friend of yours, America?

  80. Because you think Americans have courage? Just as brainwashed as any other people, except that they have been bathed in relative comfort for too long to rise up against anything anymore if it isn’t textual.

  81. Now the opportunity has come to activate Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and eventually BRICS with a military assistance. Let see India side now… it will be very determinant. NATO minus US equals zero (NATO-US=0). Putin said he can capture all Europe capitals(except London) in two days. We know the mighty Russia since Leipzig (1814) and Berlin (1945). A strong SCO will make NATO thinking twice.I read yesterday US saying that “is no longer a security threat for the US”. This is 180 degree rotation

  82. Stalin and Mao were both murderers no doubt but still it’s one man show whereas almost every U.S President has been embroiled in one or many bloody soaked massacres throughout history.

  83. You are correct Sir: People tend to forget that China is a communist nation as Russia.
    You can always trust the Communists—————————————to be Communists.
    The leaders live a capitalistic life on the backs of common working people. Hey, what a deal———-for them !

  84. America stop buying products made in China, they too are utilizing our good will to eventually do us in, wake up America! All we can do is pity Russia’s and China’s spineless ignorant populace who don’t have a thread of courage to think and do for themselves, they’re a beaten and lost humanity!

  85. “Zero-sum mentality” Opposition to the unipolar World is shaping up.It would be unnatural to believe that 15% of Global population can forever dictate and dominate.The records of Western civilization are full of conflicts and never ending wars.

  86. the u.s. invaded Afghanistan to go after bin laden and destroyed Afghanistan. u.s. led nato bombed, invaded, overthrew saddam Hussein, and destroyed Iraq. u.s. led nato bombed, overthrew Kaddafi, and destroyed Libya. the west armed, trained, nd supplied the rebels/opposition to overthrow assad of Syria.
    didn’t McCain pose with el Baghdadi, the rebel/isis leader?
    care to ask the dead, wounded, orphans, widows how freedom and democracy work out for them?
    ever wonder why muslims turn extremists?
    why we have reservations for native americans?
    did the Mexicans ceded the border states to u.s. willingly?

  87. This would be too obvious for Putin to do. He is no fool. More likely his enemies did this knowing how easy it would be to spin this is in Western press. Many commentators are already falling for this ploy. Amazing how easy it is to sell propaganda these days.

  88. It is amazing how anyone who stands up against Putin ends up in prison or dead . He has robbed his own Country of more that a billion Dollars . HAIL KING PUTIN !!!!!!

  89. The West would never invade Russia . But they will protect Country’s that escaped from the Soviet Union if possible. Putin will continue to take more territory if he can . The world can’t allow a strong Russia now that we see what they spend their money on . They can never be a trusted as member of the civilized world because they still have that if they can’t control it destroy it attitude . .

  90. Mr Q-Xing, you take this massage from Mr Xi-Jinping ?, i hope you misunderstood from your boos if not you(Q-Xing) are very very naive or Mr Xi- Jinping’s puppet, i’m Vietnamese we know you (Chinese) very well, you are imperialist, colonialist, invader and now you are communist. Our people are fighting against your aggression to protect our country, our independence about 3,000 years even now, you said ” Russia’s security concernes over Ukraine” you lie, 3,000 years ago, you were concerne about your country’s security you invaded my country ????? don’t teach Putin this lesson, don’t teach Putin invader’s style and you do not allow Putin and his puppet Kremlin. Russia has good army and advanced weapons, they can protect their with strong border, Russia don’t need to invade Ukraine.

  91. That is exactly why I think it is so stupid to be pushing Russia’s over Crimea and Ukraine, should we push Russia far enough and we get into a nuclear war with them, don’t expect China to side with the US and EU, they ain’t gonna do it. And if we think we can take on two powers like that and come out even even, we are bigger fools than we are willing to admit to. Go ahead and commit suicide, it’s 225 million American citizens that will pay the ultimate price along with that more in Europe.

  92. Free world has killed hundreds of millions? Are you crazy? The free world has saved tens of millions from disease and regular famines. America fed 10 million Russians every day during the volga basin famine. Google it. Western nations are major food exporters. Russia exported food while its people starved in the 20’s and 30’s.
    Collectivization by Stalin and Mao killed tens of millions of people.
    Russian and Chinese military aggression in Tibet, Hungary (’56), Czechoslovakia (’68), killed thousands and enslaved millions.
    Anything good that you have originated in a western country including the computer, software, and telecom technology you are using when you comment here.

  93. that’s total failure of American diplomacy! We should never let China get close to Russia to tip balance of supper powers. This is first time China openly supports Russia since late 50’s. I am afraid USA has just lost 2nd cold war that has not fully started.

  94. China economy is not fragile. It has the tools and infrastructure ,supply chains to make goods for itself, 2nd, and 3 world. It maynot get western standard rich and should be sufficient. It doesn;’t need to be Korea or Japan and sell hightech stuffs to western countries. Innovation is that aspect is overrated,

  95. Remember, it was also US, Europe and Japan that invaded and carved up China, and destroyed the world’s greatest economy at the height of the Qing dynasty.

  96. At least even if both Russia and China are dictatorial or communist regimes, they have not killed anyone outside their boundary for the last century or more. You seem to admire the so-called hypocrite free world who have no shame killing hundreds of millions of innocent people around the world with impunity since colonial time until now. Whether China economy is fragile or not has nothing to do with the West as it’s solely the business of the Chinese themselves.

    Meanwhile since colonialism ceased less than 50 years ago, the majority of the Western nations are suffering from economic pain as the wealth that they pillaged from their colonial lands has since dried up.

    So please stop making a mockery of your own conscience in life.

  97. Dictatorial or communist regimes have to support each other because they behave the same in regard to ruling their countries and people.

    Remember that Chinese economy is where it is today not because of Russia; it’s because of US and European countries. China grew out of poverty because it dealt with free nations. Actually, China economy is still very fragile because the gain is not by deep rooted innovation or creativity, by copying and stealing other discoveries and innovations. China can return back to the old days by just dealing with Russia.

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