Apple Watch May Score Separate Retail Stores

Apple Watch May Score Separate Retail Stores
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The Apple Watch may have dedicated stores in the near future

Although the Apple Watch is not yet available to the public, French media outlets report that there may be a few upmarket retail stores in Paris at some point in the near future. The stores would feature separate display cases for the smartwatch before the April launch. Should the display cases prove to be a huge success, the Cupertino tech giant may spin the idea off to include separate smaller stores inside major retailers. Apple already has similar setups with Mac stores inside Best Buy stores.

The Apple Watch is very different from other Apple products as it serves as more than just a gadget; it is high-fashion jewelry. The watch comes with a premium price tag that starts at $349, and the 18 karat Apple Watch Edition is expected to retail for several thousand dollars.

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Apple represents luxury

Fortunately for Apple, it’s a brand that is already associated with luxury. iPhone owners tend to be more affluent than Android or Windows Phone owners. Apple retail stores are also usually located in high-end shopping malls or neighborhoods. Given the premium price and the luxurious design of many Apple products, it’s no wonder the brand is successful in the luxury market.

A new opportunity with Apple Watch

Apple has a great opportunity to enter a new market sector that is saturated with low-end wearables. There are many smartwatches and other wearables available for fitness fans, but options are still limited. Apple offers a wearable that is not only fashionable enough to please the luxury market but is also quite versatile. It allows users to monitor their health, keep track of fitness goals, communicate with others, share their location, take phone calls and more. It is a smart companion that works in conjunction with the iPhone. And with Apple’s strong history of improving technology, there is a good chance it will redefine the wearable.


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