Apple Inc. CEO To Talk At Upcoming White House Cyber-Summit


Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to be scheduled to speak at the upcoming White House Cyber Summit

Stanford plans to host a cyber-security event at which U.S. officials will unveil a new internet security initiative and outline President Obama’s plans to get tech companies to cooperate with the government on security measures. Cook is expected to speak at the event, but it’s not certain what topics he will cover. Apple has yet to confirm if this rumor is true.

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Apple to address its stance on internet security

National security is a huge issue that affects everyone. Incidences such as the Sony Pictures hack late last year highlight the current flaws within cyber-security standards. President Obama pointed to North Korea as the culprit of the hack.

The issue started years ago when former NSA consultant Edward Snowden leaked private information involving national security. The leaked documents were released over several weeks to show how the government catalogued personal information, including phone calls, emails and text messages.

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The government claimed such spy tactics are part of monitoring terrorist activities. Some corporations took matters into their hands by suing the government. Apple remained on the U.S. government’s list concerning security. The company’s iOS system features built-in encryption that keeps the government from eavesdropping. Two years ago, a federal agent complained that Apple’s encryption makes it impossible to intercept communications between Apple smartphones.

U.S. government concerned with encrypted technologies

Apple has made it a top policy to encrypt data across its products. During an interview last year, Cook admitted he was not interested in owning private user information. If the government sent Apple a subpoena to obtain information from an iMessage, the company could not give it because the messages are encrypted and Apple cannot provide the key.

James Comey, director of the FBI, claimed iOS 8 and Android 5.0 Lollipop make it nearly impossible for the law enforcement to conduct investigations.

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  1. You are delusional. I-Phones were just banned by prominent terrorist groups. They are afraid AAPL will be monitoring them for this. Which is nonsense; but nonetheless noteworthy, in that what they are really afraid of is AAPL’s intelligence; because, unlike Android, they can’t hack i – OS.
    On the other hand; we have China. Arguably AAPL’s biggest market. A Communist Country who watches us as we watch them; embracing AAPL as if it’s their own.
    Why; because they are commucapitalists. They will make money with AAPL and spy with Android. After all; the Government owns all the carrier networks.

  2. I am not sure inviting Tim Crook to a “cyber summit” has any meaning here. Apple is a value added re-seller and the controlled media continues to claim other wise. Perhaps a more appropriate “summit” for Crook would be the “Dealers, Middlemen and VARs summit”

  3. DEVVVV,
    I didn’t say it wasn’t true. I pointed out the contradiction in a bait headline; and admission it is rumor in the same paragraph!!!
    Of course they would welcome him with open arms. Last year when Obama called a summit on large business sectors; Tim was the only one representing tech.
    Lastly; I’m way to smart to own Blackberry shares; and when I once had a job where they gave me a Blackberry Phone, I refused to use it.
    As far as Bobo is concerned; the only thing I care for him to give up is his Presidency.

  4. mds, chances are this is true due to no reason why it shouldn’t be. All platforms take security seriously. Being one of the riches companies in the world, I sure the White House cyber summit will welcome Tim Cook with open arms. Notice again I am correct in assuming security features pertaining to enterprise is very competitive. The news of this I believe should be a indicator to sell your BlackBerry shares mds before its too late. So now I ask, is Barrack Obama thinking of giving up his BlackBerry now??

  5. Again….a statement made in a headline; in a paragraph that concludes it is an unconfirmed rumor.

    Why do you bother. If it is true; Tim is the only guy that can teach Bobo about cyber security.


    Apple CEO Tim Cook is said to be scheduled to speak at the upcoming White House Cyber Summit.

    End of paragraph:
    Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) has yet to confirm if this rumor is true.

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