Partner of “Wolf of Wall Street” Sees Florida Offices Raided

Dozens of FBI raided the offices of Med-Care Diabetic & Medical Supplies Inc. in Florida on Wednesday according to witnesses.

While the FBI declined to say more than the agency was conducting ‘law enforcement activity in the vicinity’, witnesses claim to have seen agents removing a number of boxes from the Boca Raton, FL offices where Porush is the top executive.

Danny Porush is certainly best-known for being portrayed by Jonah Hill opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in the film “The Wolf of Wall Street,”  which received a nomination for Best Film in the 2014 Oscars.

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Wolf of Wall Street: Lush life despite unfinished restitution

The film described the “bait and switch” tactics of defunct brokerage firm Stratton Oakmont Inc. where he partnered with Jordan Belfort. The two still owe defrauded investors over $200 million but that hasn’t stopped Porush from enjoying a lavish lifestyle much to the chagrin of those scammed out of their money by the two.

Porush and his wife own matching Rolls-Royce convertibles with each costing around $300,000 depending on options. Additionally the two live in the much sought after condominiums in Bal Harbour on Miami Beach.

Porush was recently reminded that he owes hundreds of millions, but not surprisingly, he’s put everything he has now in his wife’s name who also works at Med-Care, which was raided today.

The old days

Prior to taking the role as lead executive of the company, Porush worked for his wife as a truck driver upon his release from prison in 2004.

While the two were partners at Stratton Oakmont, they famously squandered millions(?) on drugs and prostitutes, but their victims largely believe the two squirreled away quite a bit of money prior to their arrest.

Belfort was jailed for 22 months while Porush got 39 months.

Med-Care has been accused of maleficence as well and the company was investigated in Missouri in 2013.

While Porush has yet to be accused of a crime the coming weeks should prove interesting as the FBI begins to sift through the documents that were allegedly seized earlier Wednesday.