Microsoft Corporation Brings Outlook To iOS And Android

Microsoft Corporation Brings Outlook To iOS And Android

Microsoft launches an updated email app with enhanced features for mobile users

On Thursday, Microsoft unveiled the new Outlook app for iOS and Android. The new apps are available for smartphones and tablets. They are expected to replace the current range of Microsoft Outlook apps like the OWA apps for iOS and Android. Those apps will be around for a little bit longer, but the company will converge them at some point in the future.

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Microsoft’s enhanced Outlook with features from Accompli

Julia White, general manager for the Office Division, said the new apps utilize the company’s earlier acquisition of Accompli. The new application will look a lot like the original Accompli apps, only with a few Office extras such as a colored ribbon user interface. Those who’ve previously used Accompli’s apps will notice not much more than a rebranding.

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It is surprising that Microsoft went ahead with the relaunch of its Outlook apps. The rebranding shows just how good the Accompli apps were even before the company was acquired. White added during the interview that the new apps are not just for email but also to liven up the full Outlook experience. This update includes support for Office 365, Exchange,, Yahoo! Mail, Gmail and other email providers. This app’s design is similar to most modern email apps with numerous swipe gestures.

Android users have to wait longer for Outlook update

Microsoft has already released the full version of Outlook for iOS. The Android version is still in preview mode and doesn’t include support yet. The reason the Android version isn’t ready yet is due to the broad hardware ecosystem. After Microsoft accrues more data on how the apps run on real-world devices, it will launch a refreshed version on Android.

The new Outlook apps are free for consumers and business users. The business version also offers special features that require a subscription to Office 365. The premium features will debut early this year.

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