Four Ways Retailers Manipulate Your Senses [INFOGRAPHIC]

Ways Retailers Manipulate Your Senses featured

Here’s an interesting fact in time for this Holiday’s shopping season: do you know what pumpkin pie has got to do with a man’s libido?

Scent marketers say it can arouse men, so beware of the smell when you find yourself in a sleazy section of a shop. You might end up buying more rubbers than you plan. Call it manipulation, but retail shops are increasingly using scents to lure us into buying.

Our team gathered the most interesting facts from various studies (including Journal of Consumer Research and Scent Marketing Institute) about how retailers trick our senses into buying their products. You can learn more about the “secret” weapons they use on us.

Here are three other interesting facts from our infographic:

  1. In a study by neurologist Dr. Alan Hirsch, 84% of participants were unknowingly willing to pay $10 more for a pair of Nike shoes presented in a scented room versus an identical pair featured in an unscented location.
  2. Music can also affect our behavior. Many fast food restaurants use fast paced music in the background to make you eat faster and leave so they can serve another customer.
  3. We’re also manipulated by colors: An eBay study shows that a red background used on the Pages Results makes people bid higher.
  4. Apple Store believes that by leaving their display notebooks half open so customers have to touch the lid to take a peek, the shop sells more notebooks.

Four Ways Retailers Manipulate Your Senses

4 Ways Retailers Manipulate your Senses_infographic

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