Apple Inc. Sees Significant Growth In Smartphone Sales In Asia

Apple is enjoying significant growth in smartphone sales in Asia. A recent study from Counterpoint shows just how successful the Cupertino tech giant has been in this market.

Apple Inc. Sees Significant Growth In Smartphone Sales In Asia

Last September, Apple unveiled the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Both models were highly anticipated in Asian markets as most consumers living in these countries tend to use smartphones as their primary way to access the internet. Although the Counterpoint survey shows Samsung had the largest increase, the iPhone still made quite an impact. After the iPhone 6 hit the market, Apple registered a large surge in market share from 15% before launch to 33%. This means Apple sits firmly in second place.

Apple’s significant impact on the Asian market

Counterpoint’s research director, Tom Kang, added, “No foreign brand has gone beyond the 20% market share mark in the history of Korea’s smartphone industry. It has always been dominated by the global smartphone leader, Samsung. But iPhone 6 and 6 Plus have made a difference here, denting the competition’s phablet sales.”

Although Apple already has a strong hold on the Japanese market, the iPhone 6 lineup increased the company’s market share from little below 20% to 51%, which is an impressive feat. The tech giant hasn’t fared well with China’s market thanks to immense competition, but it has procured a 12% share of the market. It’s not much, but it is enough to secure it third place right behind Xiaomi and Lenovo. Apple also registered a 45% growth rate in sales over the same period from last year.

Samsung’s struggle in the Chinese market

Current global smartphone leader Samsung is also struggling in China. The company’s market share fell drastically from its position, and it now ranks in fourth place in the market with 9% of all sales. That’s not all though, as Samsung also has been fighting a 37% operating profit decline for the last three months. Although this is the fourth consecutive quarter of declines, Samsung believes a brighter future is ahead.

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