Google Maps Now Has Virtual Reality Support

Google Maps now has virtual reality support with Google Cardboard. The latter a nifty piece of cardboard that works with Android phones to create a virtual experience. Users can purchase a pre-made version or make their own. One of Google Inc’s most interesting ambitions for Cardboard is Google Maps for Android.

Street View feature on Google Maps

When users browse the Street View feature on Google Maps, they will notice a look-around button in the lower right corner. A double-tap will make the screen split and both sides will be tightly focused on what it in front of you. The user can then move the phone around as to explore the area while standing here. Although anyone can try this technique, it works best as an immersive experience with Cardboard.

Vanguard’s move into PE may change the landscape forever

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Google first introduced Cardboard at the I/O conference as an exciting (and cheaper) alternative to Oculus Rift. Google has big plans for Cardboard which is why the company created a studio developer kit for third-party apps that take the user on an exciting virtual reality journey. One notable app include Paul McCartney by Jaunt Inc. which allows users to watch the legendary singer perform “Live and Let Die” in 360 degrees complete with 360 view with stereo 3D. It also features immersive audio.

Google received flack for copying rival Apple

Google is transforming technology in new and unique ways. For years the company received flack for copying rival Apple with Android-based smartphones and tablets. Google isn’t afraid to make waves of it’s own and create products with value. Although Google Cardboard seems much simpler compared to other products it still offers a lot of potential. Virtual reality could be the next big thing in technology if it catches on with general consumers.

The key to success for most technology companies is innovation. If you want to remain relevant in a world of ever-changing technology, you need new ideas and products that capture interest.