Facebook Inc (FB) Has A New Tool That Enhances Photos Automatically

Facebook Inc (FB) Has A New Tool That Enhances Photos Automatically

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) released a new feature yesterday that is meant to enhance photographs uploaded by users. The new feature works automatically, and the user has the option of undoing the changes made, says a report from TechCrunch.

Improvement over earlier feature from Facebook

The photo enhancement tools are growing in popularity and number, but not everyone knows how to best make use of them or don’t have enough time for it. Therefore, Facebook has released a new feature that solves this problem for users and automatically edits the photographs and makes them clearer.

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The new feature from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) is an improvement over the previous ways of uploading photographs. Earlier, when users tried uploading a photograph from their mobile, they were shown an unedited pic, which then had to be enhanced with the help of a button that was meant to add a one-size-fits-all light enhancement. But that was not very useful, as it could cause filter decision paralysis, and the user had no option of viewing the photograph before and had to either accept it or leave it. However, now it’s all changed, as photos are automatically enhanced, with users having the option to quickly tone the effect up or down.

Other platforms also in race

Facebook and other social apps are all trying to introduce tools and features that can enhance the photographs, making them not only well-lit but also clearer. The one that wins the battle will get tons of engagement. Hence, we can see a number of changes in the other social apps as well. While Twitter’s filtering interface has been recently revamped, five new filters can be seen on Instagram and Snapchat also introduced a dual filter with color filters and geo-filter titles. A year ago, a similar auto-enhance feature was added by Google+. Though the Facebook feature is not close to the Google+ auto-awesome feature, it will definitely help reduce the number of terrible shots.

Photographs are taken by everybody, but not everyone is an ace photographer. So with the new feature from Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB), it becomes easier for people to get improvised photographs. Users must touch a slider to adjust the light, shadow, and clarity or revert back to the original photograph.

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