Elizabeth Warren The Populist Could Take Working-Class Vote From Republicans


ROBERT MERRY: Elizabeth Warren the populist could take working-class vote from Republicans

Some people think Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts could pose a threat to the presidential ambitions of Hillary Rodham Clinton. She could. But she also could pose a threat to the next Republican presidential nominee. Her attacks on America’s big banks could get her more than just media buzz. They could generate lots of votes. Republicans…

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  1. Oh, please; don’t care if a person/family are millionaires, a Socialist is a Socialist is a Socialist; if you want everything nationalized and most people barely getting by as in Venezuela, then move to Venezuela.

  2. We are a six-figure family and have been for several yrs.!! We believe a Bernie Sanders—Elizabeth Warren ticket would be the answer to many, many of the economic problems with our govt!!!

  3. It’s immaterial whether Sister Hillary or Elizabeth is the candidate; the liberal media is having orgasms just thinking about the push to have either elected so they can write they helped elect the first woman President just as they did with the first mulatto President. They really don’t give a happy damn which one it is.

  4. Not only is she a Democrat but a very liberal/socialist one to boot; the only “middle class” people who would even consider voting for her are the ones who want everything given to them. People seem to conveniently forget that Socialism only benefits the ones in power; think Russia, Venezuela and other Latin American countries.

  5. Why the Working Class would Vote Republican is Beyond Me. Stupid Stupid Stupid. Republicans don’t care one bit for the working class if your not Rich you aren’t Chit.

  6. Listen, Elizabeth Warren is a Democrat period!! If you a Democrat and you like they way things are going, then you vote for her, if not then someone else…but she’s a Democrat.

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