UK Challenge To EU Cap On Bankers' Bonuses Dealt Huge Blow


A UK challenge to a cap imposed on bankers’ bonuses by the European Union (EU) has been rejected by a senior figure in a European court, according to reports. Niilo Jääskinen, advocate general of the European Court of Justice, ruled Thursday that an EU law, which restricts bankers’ bonuses to 100 percent of their salary, or…

UK Challenge To EU Cap On Bankers’ Bonuses Dealt Huge Blow

Canyon Capital Has Tapped Into The Pandemic Fallout: In-Depth Analysis [Q4 Letter]

CanyonCanyon Balanced Funds was up more than 41% net since the end of last year's first quarter. It took about 10 months for the fund to recover from the lows in that quarter, a few months longer than the 2009 rebound after the Global Financial Crisis. The fund has a little over $26 million in Read More

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