Uber offering perks to American drivers to boost retention


Uber, a ride-sharing app company is offering rewards for drivers in the United States as part of its initiative to become the best platform for partners to grow a small business.

Momentum rewards program

Today, Uber introduced Momentum, a partner rewards program that provides drivers with personalized health insurance recommendations, discounts on phone bills and vehicle maintenance.

Uber’s initiative could encourage drivers to join its network as partners and spend more hours working for the company. The drivers do not work as employees, but as contractors. Its driver-partners use their own cars and work on flexible hours without guaranteed pay or benefits. They normally rent their phones from Uber for $10 per week.

According to Uber, Momentum was developed after listening to the needs of its thousands of drivers across the country. The company said the rewards program recognized the tremendous service provided by its driver-partners and it was designed to help them stay healthy, grow their business and reduce overall operating costs.

Uber partnered with Stride Health to offer an innovative healthcare recommendation engine to its driver-partners without cost and in-time for open enrollment, which started last November 15.

Uber driver-partners will receive 15% discount at major auto maintenance retailers including AutoZone, Inc. (NYSE:AZO), Meineke Car Care Centers, Jiffy Lube International and Midas, Inc. (NYSE:MDS) etc.

The company is also working with major U.S. wireless carriers such as AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) and Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE:VZ) to offer15% to 18% discount on wireless services to drivers and eligible immediate family.

Uber’s goal is to create the best working environment

David Plouffe, a former political strategist and advisor to President Obama and currently working for Uber on policy and strategy said, “Our goal here is just to create the best working environment. This will be more importantly a reward for our drivers who really help build the business.”

Plouffe added that Momentum is a rewards program for contractors as opposed to benefits.  He said, “I think that’s an important distinction. There are actually a lot of businesses that provide reward programs and benefits to contractors. This is not unique in that regard.”

Furthermore, Plouffe explained that drivers will be qualified for the Momentum rewards program if they would work for Uber around 30 to 40 hours a month.

He estimated that an average driver could save hundreds of dollars a year under the program, which is expected to help the company recruit and retain drivers.  “This is just the start. We are going to build on this,” said Plouffe.


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