Why The Retirement Saving Crisis is Worse Than We Thought

Why The Retirement Saving Crisis is Worse Than We Thought

Retirement Saving Crisis is Worse Than We Thought by Gary D. Halbert

by Gary D. Halbert

November 11, 2014


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1.  October Unemployment Rate Fell to 5.8%

2.  Employment For Young People Highest in Six Years

3.  Retirement Saving Not Happening For a Third of MiddleClass

4.  Just How Little Have They Saved?

5.  The Power of the 401(k) Savings Plan

6.  The Retirement Saving Big Picture


Each year Wells Fargo & Company conducts a survey of middle-class Americans of various ages to see how they are faring with saving for retirement. The results of the 2014 survey were just made public late last month. I will summarize them for you below. Let me warn you in advance – they are not pretty!

But first, let’s take a look at last Friday’s better than expected October unemployment report. The headline unemployment rate fell to 5.8%, the lowest level in almost six years. So far in 2014, new jobs are being added at the fastest pace since 1999. Best of all, the employment rate for young people ages 25-34 rose to the highest level since late 2008.

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