These are by no means smartwatches but rather discreet fitness trackers. “Smartwatches and fitness trackers are distinctly different things,” said Yves Behar, Jawbone’s chief creative officer. “It’s a huge part of our philosophy.” “[An Up device] doesn’t distract you. It doesn’t take you out of the moment. It doesn’t stop you when you’re doing things you want to do,” Behar said. “It’s about keeping people moving, exercising, meditating, whatever they do. When I use a phone at the gym, it distracts me. When I use it in a meeting, it’s distracting there, too.”

Jawbone Unveils Two New Fitness Trackers: UP3 and UP Move

Jawbone’s new flagship tracker

Unlike smartwatches, Up devices are designed to be worn all day for days at a time in order to also capture sleep information which means they need significant battery life.

“If we don’t capture sleep data, we don’t have a complete picture of your health,” Behar said.

The Up3 is meant to be the company’s flagship at $180 and the sensors are built into the strap. The device uses these sensors to track: steps, distance traveled, calories burned and sleep quality. It also knows when you sweat and through the Up app and third-party apps will ask you what you were doing and learn from your responses.

Additionally, the new sensors are an improvement on the Up24 and can recognize REM sleep, deep sleep and light sleep. It’s believed that even with all the new sensors users will get a full-week’s use on a single charge. The wristband will ship in black.

Jawbone: The Up Move

The Up Move is more like a watch or rather a colorful band with a faceless sensor worn on the wrist or it can be clipped on to bags or clothing, or even just put in the pocket. The Up Move can measure calories burned, distance traveled, steps and sleep which is quite impressive at $50. Bands are sold separately at $15 or three for $30 and are available for pre-order today and will ship next week.

It’s very similar to the Misfit Flash but does have the advantage of Jawbone’s much more advanced smartphone app.