Rumors Of A Gold Apple Watch

The launch of the new wearable is predicted for spring 2015, and the cheapest, aluminum model will set you back $349. Official prices for the high-end versions have not yet been released, although many tech bloggers have speculated on them.

French website latest to weigh in

One example is French site iGen, which has a good record of releasing accurate details of unreleased Apple products, including the iPhone 6. The site claims it has received trustworthy information on prices of the stainless steel and gold versions of the Apple Watch.

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According to the site the starting price for the stainless steel version will be $500, and those who want to splash out on a gold model will have to find between $4,000 and $5,000.

The site also claimed that the company is aiming for a Valentine’s Day launch, which fits with existing rumors. In contrast, a note allegedly written by Angela Ahrendts to Apple retail store employees says the company will release the Watch next spring.

iGen provides more information on the French market, claiming that local retailers and accessory manufacturers are preparing for a mid-February launch, but details are thin on the ground.

Gold Apple Watch design features detailed

The final nugget of information provided by the site concerns design details. Supposedly, buyers will only be able to replace the wristband, and will not be able to access the battery or other internal components.

If the prices prove to be correct, it would make the gold version of the Apple Watch the most expensive Apple gadget to date. At the minute, that honor belongs to the basic Mac Pro model, which starts at $2,999, although prices can increase significantly depending on the chosen model and upgrades.

The impending release of the Apple Watch comes at a time when the company needs to diversify its range of products. Over recent quarters over half of company revenue has come from iPhone sales.

Just how many of the higher-end models will be sold is obviously still an unknown quality, but those with deep pockets will be able to mark themselves out from the rest of the wearables crowd.