Facebook Inc (FB) Insiders Dump More Shares – Again


Unsurprisingly, Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) Chief Operating Officer Sheryl Sandberg is among the executives who dumped some of the social network’s shares this week. The other six executives who sold shares this week are Vice President and General Counsel Colin Stretch; David Fischer, vice president of marketing and business partnerships; Chief Product Officer Christopher Cox; Chief Financial Officer David Wehner; Chief Technology Officer Mike Schroepfer; and Chief Accounting Officer Jas Athwal.

Facebook Inc (FB) Insiders Dump More Shares - Again

Sandberg, Stretch, Fischer sell Facebook (FB) shares

All of the share sales were disclosed in filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

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The filings indicate that Sandberg sold about 22,500 share—a drop in the bucket compared to her total holdings in Facebook—for an average price of $74.79. That left her with about 5.1 million shares of the social network, which add up to about $382 million.

Stretch sold about 8,400 Facebook shares for $.62 million at an average price of $74.70 a share, leaving him with approximately 55,000 shares that are worth about $4.2 million. Fischer sold about 61,500 shares of Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) for $4.6 million for an average of $74.78 per share. That left him with about 368,000 shares that are worth $27 million.

Cox, Wehner, Schroepfer, Athwal also unload Facebook (FB) stock

Cox dumped about 45,000 Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares for about $74.79 per share, raking in $3.4 million in the process. That left him with about 616,000 shares that are worth approximately $46 million. Wehner unloaded about 12,600 shares of Facebook for about $940,000 for an average price of $74.81 a share, which left him with about 11,500 shares worth approximately $859,000.

Schroepfer sold about 63,000 Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares for $4.7 million at an average price of $74.78 per share, leaving him with about $15 million worth of shares, which is approximately 199,000. Athwal unloaded about 4,100 shares in more than one transaction, taking about $307,000 in profits after selling them for an average of $74.83per share. Athwal was left with about 125,000 Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) shares, which are worth about $9 million.

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