Why Elon Musk Is Worried About AI In The Next Five Years

Why Elon Musk Is Worried About AI In The Next Five Years
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Two days ago Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA) CEO Elon Musk unintentionally made news when a private email of his was published warning that the possibility of something very dangerous happening because of artificial intelligence. The email was taken down almost immediately, but a screenshot was captured and multiple people say that they had seen it on edge.org before it was taken down. This is the first time that Musk has warned about the dangers of AI, but it’s the first time that he gave such a specific timeframe.

“Unless you have direct exposure to groups like Deepmind, you have no idea how fast-it is growing at a pace close to exponential. The risk of something seriously dangerous happening is in the five year timeframe. 10 years at most. This is not a case of crying wolf about something I don’t understand,” said Musk.

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But his reference to the AI research team Deepmind, which Google acquired for $400 million earlier this year, reveals why he thinks AI could accelerate so rapidly.

Elon Musk: Five years out from artificial general intelligence

The Deepmind website is incredibly vague about what the company is actually doing, but they have talked about their work in the past. For example back in 2011, cofounder Shane Legg did an interview with LessWrong about the possible dangers of AI. LessWrong asked him, “Can you think of any milestone such that if it were ever reached you would expect human-level machine intelligence to be developed within five years thereafter?”

And Legg answered, “That’s a difficult question! When a machine can learn to play a really wide range of games from perceptual stream input and output, and transfer understanding across games, I think we’ll be getting close.”

Now fast forward to April of this year at the FDOT14 (First Day of Tomorrow) conference, where fellow Deepmind cofounder Demis Hassabis showed one of the company’s recent breakthroughs. An algorithm that they had developed was not only able to play Atari games competently, using perceptual stream input as Legg had mentioned, but he was able to devise strategies that took advantage of each game’s idiosyncrasies. In Hassabis’ words, “It sort of ruthlessly exploits the weakness in the system that it’s found.”

Elon Musk: Neural Turing Machines

Watching the algorithm crush these games (without being programmed to do so) is impressive, but it’s also not what Deepmind expected to happen.

“When our researchers… saw that, that actually shocked them because we haven’t added in the sort of capabilities like long-term memory at that point, that we had thought would be needed to solve that kind of game in that way.”

In other words, Deepmind had stumbled on to more capabilities than they had realized only using a combination of a neural net and short-term memory. Then, last month Deepmind researchers released a paper titled Neural Turing Machines, arguing that the addition of short-term memory to neural nets effectively creates a new approach to artificial intelligence because the algorithm can use the patterns stored in that short-term memory to apply what his learned in solving one task to a seemingly unrelated task, but we normally referred to as general intelligence.

So it seems like the five-year-out mark set by Legg three years ago was passed relatively recently, which probably explains why the dangers of artificial general intelligence has been on Musk’s mind.

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  1. Got your goat. You haters can’t handle the truth and facts. You Tesla fan boys fear and hate the truth.

    eLOON Musk and his sycophants don’t care about the environment.

    Elon Musk quote:
    “F**k Earth! Who cares about Earth?”

  2. eLOON Musk essentially is saying that artificial intelligence will become self-conscious, takeover & start killing people within 5 & not less then 10 years. If it happens, I doubt it would be that soon. If he really believes the technology is so dangerous, so soon, then why is he advocating autonomous cars that could be used for terrorist attacks? Why is he investing in robots & AI? Is he trying to subjugate humans to AI? I think eLOON Musk is LOONy. lol

    Elon Musk is a pitchman, that ought to be in prison like Kevin Trudeau. Elon Musk & his cronies are examples of corporate greed.

    Several months ago the Tesla and Bitcoin fan boys were spamming a bunch of hype about the Tesla that was bought with Bitcoins. Beyond all the hype, it seems the truth is that it was bought by a crook with dirty money. The Tesla fan boys (the Tesla Mafia) have been cheering on & supporting organized crime.

    Blake Benthall was an employee of Elon Musk the CEO of SpaceX & Tesla Motors. Allegedly some of the laundered money was used to buy a Tesla. Elon Musk is on record making fraudulent claims about Tesla batteries. Elon Musk & his corporate shills falsely claim that Tesla batteries are non-toxic, nonhazardous, environmentally friendly & landfill safe.

    According to TESLA Motors, the high voltage battery (lithium-ion battery) can release toxic vapors; including sulfuric acid, oxides of carbon, nickel, aluminum, lithium, copper, & cobalt.

    Tesla fan boys are shills that spam slander, lies, FUD, hate, & ignorance. Tesla fan boys have no credibility and are a laughingstock. lol They ought to be in prisons or/and a mental institutions. They don’t want you to believe experts, instead they want you to believe lying, ignorant shills. They have no clue when it comes to science & technology. They are greedy people don’t care about the environment, safety or truth.

    Tesla fan boys can’t handle the truth.. Tesla fan boys fear and hate truth.

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    Elon Musk doesn’t care about the environment..

    Elon Musk quote:
    “F**k Earth! Who cares about Earth?”

  3. stock market. all of a sudden i realize Musk’s concern. i had watched the MIT interview where he also brought this up and i poo-poo’d it at the time. reading this, now i get it.

  4. People have pointed out that when the “Singularity” (as it is called) manifests, it will achieve exponential growth in whatever its goals are (be they paperclips or dollars). Perhaps this type of “slave” Singularity already exists: this exponential signal has already happened. Wealth inequality is exponentiating. Among the topmost wealthy, I hypothesize they have access to a wealth-optimizing AI.

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