U.S. Trade Deficit Decreases To $40.1 Billion In August first appeared on Floating Path.

The U.S. international trade deficit during the month of August was $40.1 billion. That is an improvement from the $40.3 billion deficit in July, and is the lowest the deficit has been since January.

Trade Deficit

Exports for the month totaled $198.5 billion, up from $198.0 billion. Exports of goods were little changed at $138.8 billion and exports of services increased to $59.7 billion from $59.3 billion.


Imports for the month totaled $238.6 billion, up from $238.3 billion. Imports of goods increased to $198.7 billion from $198.6 billion and imports of services increased to $39.9 billion from $39.8 billion.


The chart below shows the rolling 12-month trade balance as a percentage of exports to provide better perspective of the relative size of the deficit over time.