Windows 10 Is Like A Tesla: Microsoft Exec

For those who haven’t noticed – and many haven’t – Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) announced Tuesday that Windows 10 is coming, and Microsoft officials are comparing it to Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA).

Windows 10

At some point the utility of launching a new operating system becomes less and less valuable. Is the latest version of Windows really going to be that groundbreaking from the previous incarnation of the software?  Or will the navigation just be changed so as to require re-learning?  Has Windows increased security so hackers can’t access and remotely takeover and control a computer?

Microsoft to launch Windows 10 next year

Today Microsoft announced that it would be launching Windows 10 next year, to an initial whimper of fanfare when compared to previous operating system launches.  At what was reported as a small press event in San Francisco, Joe Belfiore, who runs a Microsoft team that helped build the operating system, described Windows 10 as a Tesla, while comparing Windows 7, currently used by over 100 million computers, as a Toyota Prius.

While that would imply better technology, improved efficiency and more style, Windows 10 users might just see more Windows 8 than anything.  The interface design is said to be more like Windows 8 with its tiles design.

But the lack of fanfare might also be due to the primary target audience.

Windows 10 to be designed for enterprise

Windows 10 will be designed more for the enterprise, Terry Myerson executive vice president of Microsoft’s OS group, was quoted as saying in a PC World report. It will have a “familiar” interface, whether it be for Windows 7 or Windows 8. “They will find all the tools they’re used to finding, with all the apps and tools they’re used to today,” he said, then added a bit of showmanship. “Windows 10 will be our greatest enterprise platform ever.”

Windows 10 is an apparent step forward in networking capability and connecting “the internet of things” world. It includes mobile device management tools to manage cell phones, PCs, tablets, and even embedded devices in appliances and cloths. Myerson said data security will be a priority, but did not make any claims regarding product superiority in this regard.

Perhaps this is where Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) should focus its efforts to create a highly valuable point of product differentiation?