Vizio Reveals Line Of 4K Ultra HD TVs Under $2,500

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Vizio just unveiled a line of 4K Ultra High-Definition Televisions which are priced under $2,500. These TV sets are actually part of the P-Series line and will hit the market very soon.

Vizio launches new television line

The line includes 50-inch P502ui-B1 ($999.99), 55-inch P552ui-B2 ($1,399.99), 60-inch P602ui-B3 ($1,699.99), 65-inch P652ui-B2 ($2,199.99), and 70-inch P702ui-B3 ($2,499.99). These lower priced televisions will likely inspire other tech companies to lower priced on their 4K TVs.

According to Vizio, these new televisions were designed with 4K Ultra High-Definition Streaming capabilities in mind. This feature will work with streams from Netflix, Amazon, UltraFlix3, and Amazon Instant Video. The new Ultra HD sets will also feature local dimming supporting the custom backlight with 64-72 zones all depending on size. This means LEDs in one area can be dimmed as much as 40% of an image with dark regions displayed. This means black levels and contrast are similar to OLED with less backlight bleeding at edges. Vizio’s press release added, “Amazon Instant Video customers will be able to purchase Ultra HD movies and TV episodes with select Ultra HD titles available at no extra charge to Amazon Prime members through Prime Instant Video.”

Vizio TVs have great features

Another reason to love this new line of television sets is picture quality especially for those who are not quite ready for the Ultra HD upgrade. These TVs also feature a thinner bezel to create a wall-to-wall picture.

Vizio did not figure out the development costs into the price and that was part of the company’s strategy. It is also part of the company’s strategy in the foreseeable future. The new televisions are available for pre-order through Vizio’s website. Soon the TVs will be available at other online retailers and bricks-and-mortars stores including Walmart, Amazon, Best Buy, Target, Costco, Samsung, among others. These sets include a native refresh rate of 240Hz and simulated Clear Action Rate of 960Hz.

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