Tesla Motors Inc’s Sales Top Nissan Leaf In Northern Europe

Tesla Motors Inc’s Sales Top Nissan Leaf In Northern Europe
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Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ:TSLA)’s Model S sales have overtaken those of the Nissan Leaf in significant northern European markets. The latest monthly sales data reveals that the Model S is leading the all-electric vehicle industry.

Norway biggest overseas market for Tesla

In Norway, the demand for the Tesla Model S is highest, as the country’s lucrative tax structure and other incentives allow the EV maker to sell its cars at a lower price tag than gas powered cars. Also the data noted the efforts that electric car manufacturers have to make in order to create a mark in countries where environmental concerns such as lowering vehicle emissions are higher.

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Holland is the second largest market for Tesla after Norway, according to registration data. In Holland, on average, 84 Tesla Model S sedans are sold, which is way lower than the 420 per month in Norway.  At present, Norway is the biggest overseas market for Tesla Model S.

Just like for Tesla, Norway is the Nissan Leaf’s largest market, as the company sees the highest demand there. Germany stands in second place for the Nissan Leaf in terms of demand, followed by Sweden, where Nissan ships around 46 units per month. On average, Tesla is selling around 638 cars per month in six northern European countries, which is more than 588 Leaf vehicles from Nissan. Given the current rate, Tesla is expected to sell around 7,600 Model S sedans in the region, or around 20% of the more than 35,000 as per the company’s expectations.

Nevada almost final for Gigafactory

Finally, it appears that the suspense over the location of the so-called gigafactory may be coming to an end. In a fierce battle, Nevada seems to be the winner, with the governor’s office stating that there will be an important economic announcement in Carson City, the state capital, on Thursday. From all the developments, it looks like Nevada may be the final winner.

Reports from Bloomberg as well as CNBC said that Tesla has awarded the project to Nevada. The report suggests that Nevada is far ahead of the other states in the run, including Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas. However, there has been no official confirmation.

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