Nexus 6 To Sport A Gigantic 5.92-Inch Display [Report]

Nexus 6 To Sport A Gigantic 5.92-Inch Display [Report]
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Google Inc (NASDAQ:GOOGL) (NASDAQ:GOOG)’s much-rumored Nexus 6 smartphone will hae a huge 5.92-inch display, claims 9to5Google. Overall size of the phone will be slightly bigger. It contradicts previous reports claiming that Nexus 6, code named Shamu, will have a 5.2-inch display. The next-gen Nexus phone is widely expected to be manufactured by Motorola.

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Nexus 6 design will be similar to 2nd generation Moto X

Citing sources familiar with the matter, 9to5Google said that Nexus 6 will have a Quad HD screen with 2,560x 1,440 resolution and 498ppi pixel density. By comparison, Nexus 5 comes with a 4.95-inch full HD display with 1,920×1,080 resolution. The report claimed that Google’s next device will resemble the second-generation Moto X. Of course, there will be some minor changes to make the big display simpler to use.

The headphone jack, microphone and SIM card slot will be proportionally in the same spots as Moto X. Just like Moto X, the Nexus 6 will come with aluminum bezel. It will have 13-megapixel main camera capable of taking 4K UHD videos. The front-facing camera will be 2MP, same as the one on Moto X (second-generation). Nexus 6 will reportedly pack a 3,200mAh battery.

Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 to arrive together?

Other rumored features of Nexus 6 include 3GB RAM, 32GB internal storage and microSD slot for further storage. It will be powered by Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 processor. A report on Tuesday said that Nexus 6 will be released in mid-October along with the Nexus 9 tablet that will be manufactured by HTC. Previous rumors pointed to October 31 release. Google is also expected to launch its newest Android L operating system next month.

Moreover, Nexus 6 may be named Nexus X upon launch. That’s because Google doesn’t own copyright to the name “Nexus 6.” Note that all this information is still rumor. Google hasn’t officially confirmed anything about the device. 9to5Google acknowledged that the phone it described could be a new phablet from Motorola.

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