Microsoft Corporation Launches New Lumia Smartphones

Microsoft Corporation Launches New Lumia Smartphones
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Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) just announced a new set of Lumia smartphones. This includes the Nokia 830 (a super affordable flagship smartphone), Nokia 730 with dual-SIM, and Nokia 735.

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The first phone features a 10 megapixel PureView Camera with the thinnest image optical stabilization, integrated wireless charging, and 15GB of free OneDrive storage. It also comes with Windows Phone 8.1 operating system update. Both Nokia 735 and Nokia 730 with dual SIM feature a front-facing wide-angle 5 megapixel camera and three months worth of Skype Unlimited World for free. These smartphone was designed primarily for those who love to use Skype.

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Microsoft to launch Windows 8.1 update

The Windows 8.1 (also frequently referred to as ‘Denim’) update keeps the focus on speed, quality, and a more intuitive camera. This update will roll out with the Lumia 930, Lumia 1520, and Lumia Icon in the fourth quarter. It will also be available as an update for Lumia Windows Phone 8 and Lumia 830 as over-the-air updates.

The Lumia brand is known for high-quality camera phones, most notably the Lumia 1020 model. One top feature Moment Capture, a nifty little application that allows users to capture 4K quality video. Another notable feature includes Rich Capture which utilizes auto High Dynamic Range and dynamic flash. This makes it easier to take a bunch of snapshots without having to adjust settings, users can just select and edit the photos later. Microsoft also discussed the improvement of low-light shooting.

Smartphone wars continue to heat up

Microsoft’s latest announcements come right in time as fall smartphone announcements just start heating up. Apple is expected to unveil the iPhone 6 on Tuesday and Samsung already launched a large Note handset yesterday. Windows-based smartphones never enjoy the same level of success rivals Samsung and Apple enjoy. According to research group IDC, overall Windows phone sales decreased from last year, however the numbers were slightly up from last quarter.

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  2. Well to be honest that smartphone is way better than the Blackberry Passport or the Blackberry Classic. Why is Blackberry still trying to sell handsets like the flopped Q10? Physical keyboards is old technology lay it to rest Blackberry and move on.

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