Microsoft Keyboard Works With Android And iOS Devices

Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) is branching out by creating universal products. The company just introduced a universal mobile keyboard which will work with many different products including iPad, iPhone, Android products, and Windows tablets. The keyboard will launch in October with the estimated retail price of $79.95.

Microsoft Keyboard Works With Android And iOS Devices

The highlights of this device

This particular device can be paired up with at least three devices using different operating systems. Users can also switch between different devices with the operating system switch. The keyboard will work exclusively with Windows 8, Windows RT, iOS 6, Android 4, or higher. Unfortunately, the keyboard doesn’t work with Windows Phone as it doesn’t support Bluetooth Human Interface Device.

Microsoft highlights the support for each one of the platform’s unique keys which include iOS Command key, Windows Control key, and Android Home button. This keyboard also boasts a protective cover and built-in stand. This product will be available in Microsoft retail stores and other retailers.

The Verge notes that this is not the first time Microsoft created a keyboard that works for iOS and Android devices. It will also feature a rechargeable battery that is integrated into the keyboard. It will take just 10 minutes to charge for a full day of use.

Microsoft launches more accessories

Microsoft has been facing a lot of competition for the past years thanks to the high demand for mobile products. Although the company released it’s own versions of smartphone and tablets, it hasn’t enjoyed the same level of success its competitors have. Perhaps this would explain why the company is launching accessories that can be used universally.

Today, Microsoft unveiled a few other products including a textured Wireless Mobile Mouse 3500 Limited Edition for 32-bit  Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, and Windows RT. It is also compatible with Mac OS X. The company also unveiled the Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse Bluetooth 4.0 Low-Energy version and Xbox One controller.

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