Hong Kong Tycoon Places Record Rolls-Royce Order For Casino

To call Stephen Hung flamboyant is to risk gross understatement.This is a man who drives a $1 million dollar gun-metal gray Bentley with the license plate “Iron Man” and never shies from wearing ridiculously tight Versace in colors that would make a parrot blush.

He wears a watch with a face adorned with diamonds arrange in his own visage. And isn’t afraid to it the town wearing a 23-carat diamond ring that costs well over $10 million.

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Most expensive Rolls-Royce models ever

And now Hung’s flamboyance is coming to his casino. Hung is intent on rivaling the Peninsula Hotel which maintains its own fleet of Rolls-Royces for his upcoming Louis XIII hotel and casino (2016). The 30 Phantoms will cost Hung around $20 million.

“We at Rolls-Royce Motor Cars are delighted and honoured that Mr Hung has commissioned Rolls-Royce to provide the largest single order of Phantoms in history,” said Rolls Royce CEO Torsten Mueller-Oetvoes in a statement. “The Louis XIII fleet of Phantoms promises to be one of most impressive sights ever seen in Macau when they arrive at the…hotel in 2016. Mr Hung’s commission reaffirms Phantom’s pinnacle position as the motor car of choice for those seeking to experience the finest luxury the world has to offer.”

According to Rolls-Royce, each of the 30 Extended Wheelbase Phantoms will be given the royal treatment by its custom design team known as the Bespoke Vehicles Team. The cars will be inlaid with gold both inside and out and each will feature timekeeping by Graff Luxury Watches making them the most expensive Phantoms ever designed. Additionally, Rolls-Royce will design the casino’s driveway and provide chauffeur training for prospective drivers. Driver will be skilled in“in the appropriate driving and handling of the unique vehicles.”

Hung knows Rolls

Hung is no stranger to Rolls-Royce, he grew up very wealth and drove Phantom to his unpaid internship at Citibank. That internship ultimately made Hung the head of investment banking in Asia for Merrill Lynch.

After winning special administrative district status in 1999, Macau became a gaming giant, with gambling revenues shooting up from less than $3 billion in 2002 to $38 billion in 2012. That is seven times the revenue that Las Vegas generates.

People do question the timing and extravagance of Hung’s Louis XIII as China cracks down on corruption and many are unwilling to flaunt their wealth in Macau.