Facebook CEO Encourages Students To Be ‘Techies’


Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) CEO Mark Zuckerberg has expressed his views on the most promising career in the future, according to a report from ABCNews. He believes that the technology will rule the world, and wants the American high-school students to opt for a career in this field only. Zuckerberg wants them to become techies and earn handsomely. The owner of the biggest social-media company wants to hire some of those brilliant techies for his company, as well.

Facebook CEO Encourages Students To Be 'Techies'

Future jobs to be different

Zuckerberg believes that the students need to have an in-depth understanding of the technology and computers, which he also considers to be a critical requirement for being able to do what they want and at the same time it offers numerous options to choose from. He shared these views with the Redwood City’s Sequoia High-School students.

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Whatever jobs are there in the market today are different from those that will be there in the future, and the founder of Facebook advised the students to use this to their advantage.

“If you start with the assumption that everything in the future is going to be different than it is now, then it’s not true that anyone else knows any more than you guys do about what’s going to work in the future,” Zuckerberg said.

A move to balance workforce diversity at Facebook

Facebook wants more and more youth especially girls to develop interest and pursue careers in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math. For this, a campaign is being run by the company and as a part of the campaign Zuckerberg appeared between the students.

Facebook Inc’s headquarters at Menlo Park are running a short drive, and as a part of this are donating 50 laptops to the students. Also, they want the Sequoia High-School students to learn how to create mobile apps for the smartphones on their own, and for this a class has been organized for teaching them the skills. The Chief Information Officer of Facebook, Tim Campos says that he wants the next Mark Zuckerberg to get the same kind of opportunities.

Recent workforce diversity reports have found biased at the tech companies in the Silicon Valley towards workers who are young, male, white and Asian. These companies including Facebook have been severely criticized for this.

Rosie Valencia interviewed Zuckerberg on stage on Thursday. This girl is a Sequoia High junior and completed her internship at Facebook this summer. Facebook is eyeing such techies for hiring.

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