BlackBerry Ltd Passport Called “Most Exciting New Smartphone”

BlackBerry Ltd Passport Called “Most Exciting New Smartphone”
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BlackBerry Ltd (NASDAQ:BBRY) (TSE:BB) is preparing to unveil its Passport smartphone in an event on Sept. 24, and tech experts already see it as a flop design. However, the results of a consumer survey conducted by The Verge suggest otherwise.

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Passport leading

According to the survey, consumers are finding it to be the most exciting smartphone among other phones such as the iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, HTC’s Desire 820, Huawei’s Ascend P7 Sapphire, Microsoft’s Lumia 830 and 730, Motorola’s Moto X and G, Samsung’s Galaxy Alpha, Note 4, and Note Edge, and lastly, Sony’s Xperia Z3 and Z3 Compact.

To the shock of experts, the innovatively designed Passport garnered 9,000 votes, which constitutes 35% of the 25,000+ total votes. Vlad Savov of The Verge said that September has just begun, and this month there has been a greater number of updates in the smartphone realm compared to the entire summer season.

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Release date and specifications

According to a report from BlackBerry OS, the Passport will be in retail stores in Canada, Europe and the UAE starting on Oct. 1. In the United States, the phone will go on sale a week or two later. Vodafone Germany will also start selling the Passport in the first week of the October. The Passport is expected to come with a price tag of $800 or approximately £497. The phone is expected to come with 4K video recording capabilities, along with OS

Other specs of the phone include a 4.5-inch display with a resolution of 1440 x 1440 pixels, a 3450mAh battery, a 2.2GHz Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor, 3GB RAM and a 13-megapixel rear camera with five optical elements, a maximum aperture of f/20, and a recording capability of 60 frames per second with full HD video.

To push its products to consumers, the Canadian smartphone maker recently published a full-page ad in The Globe & Mail. In the ad, BlackBerry talks about its legacy and says that its expertise allows it to carry forward its security and productivity developments.

BlackBerry acquires Movirtu 

Separately, BlackBerry shares spiked 6% after the company acquired Movirtu Ltd., which makes a virtual SIM card that enables customers to keep more than one phone number on a single phone. The technology from Movirtu allows employees to carry a single phone for work as well as home.

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  3. Well that is all speculation. Here is what is true. As a business executive I have returned to blackberry with the z30 after trying out all the others. It is the best phone for me and the passport with a fascinating combination of physical and virtual keyboard and touch pad all in one is intriguing. I will be looking at it.

  4. How do you know? Have you got an inside knowledge to their financial situation? Otherwise write your comment with substance and value.

  5. What happen to your super Smartphone? Did you scrap it due to lack of interest? Or did you sell the concept to the Chinese? I am sorry. They don’t buy anything, that not functional.

  6. You haven’t even used the device. It is a fabulous piece of innovation, the form factor is awesome and you my sir need to get back on your medicine!

  7. well remember you did say you were puzzled by the shape and size. So to be honest I think we are all the same page with that thought.

  8. You’re making a massive, presumptuous leap when you assume that everybody shares your opinion of the Passport.

    Personally, I think this represents a new form-factor. I can tell you one thing, it won’t be mistaken for anything but a BlackBerry.

  9. Did you know that the Iphone does the same thing but uses less power to do it? The QNX built OS of the Playbook is a perfect example of this it takes several minutes to reboot. It was at this time I suspected the demise of Blackberry. Blackberry should not have acquired QNX, I think they may have caused the fall of Blackberry.

  10. Chen does not know what to do to keep everyone at Blackberry busy so instead he fired most everyone. If I was in charge there would have been no need to fire anyone. I would have kept them busy to a point that I would have been hiring more.

  11. thank-you for being honest but “puzzled” is a understatement, more like revolting. The benefits of a wide screen is that you can view or read a article in two modes, this works the same for viewing a x-ray or spread sheet. Blackberry’s Passport took that option away, why would they do that? It may seem that I am anti blackberry, but the truth is quite the opposite. I am Canadian and I wish to stop Blackberry from making a mistake that will harm the company. Chen gets paid whether he saves this company or not, as Thorsten did. Its shocking that Investors invest in someone that does not suffer whatsoever if they fail. Thorsten is laughing all the way to the bank after he got his severance pay from Blackberry. very nice retirement paycheck he got amounting to the excess of well over $10,000,000.00. So if the Company lost over billions of dollars while Thorsten was in power, who’s money do you think Thorsten got??? I think you know the answer to that one.

  12. I’ve been following the development of the Passport ever since news of it first broke. I was puzzled by the shape and size, but when I learned about the way the phone is designed to function I got pretty excited.

    I plan to put in a pre-order as soon as Bell posts a page for them.

    Don’t like it? Nobody is forcing you to. It’s an unusual and controversial design. That’s cool.

  13. well the Z10 and Q10 was considered a flop and they looked way better then the Passport, this is how I know the Passport will flop worse. Kofi a writer for SA (Seeking Alpha) thinks the same way as I do. When a writer at SA is a Blackberry long you can bet his story is built to benefit his own interests.

  14. Kem because if it was not a flop Blackberry would be boasting about it by now. Oh and by the way if Foxconn is taking all risks of potential writedowns you can bet your sweet booties that they are taking all profits of the Z3 if any.

  15. In the case of Apple, if you remove their retail store employees you’re actually left with only about 30k… Not sure if retail store staff should count in this context.

    So far as that goes, Samsung is a massive conglomerate that has many, many business units (including a bank). How many of those 270k are actually employed by the mobile division is unclear.

  16. What you’re talking about THERE is “customers”. And BlackBerry stands a very good chance of getting them back.

    In the Enterprise Mobility Management space, BlackBerry is still the overwhelming favorite. Some companies have gone to competitors like Good or MobileIron in the past few years, but Good isn’t as flexible as BB10 and MobileIron has actually been hacked successfully.

    Many Enterprise customers adopted other solutions when there was concern whether BB would remain a going concern. Now that the company has turned the corner, it’s much easier for them to convince customers to stay on board.

  17. Please google BlackBerry enterprise server. Our company of over 50k employees used to have them.We no longer have them and they no longer support employees having BlackBerry. That’s over 15,000 smartphones at one company.It’s a valid point.

  18. BlackBerry’s security has nothing to do with who’s “supporting” it. They’ve got the one mobile OS that’s never been rooted. Still the preferred choice for government agencies and Enterprise executives.

  19. The passport or the next Nexus are the only phones I am considering for my next purchase. I hope the passport is $699 max in Canada but somehow doubt we will be that lucky lol. I just want a device with a strong signal that does email, text and calls well. I could care less about thousands of apps. A Motorola nexus device or blackberry device will deliver the goods.

  20. Have you even been to Indonesia and India to know 99.9% of them are in lower class? I will bet my whole fortune that at least 10% in Indonesia and 20% in India are richer than you. I guess that would make you a lower class

  21. What ever dumb Ignorant american ass. Look into your history. The American space program and nasa had lots of smart Canadians who went to work after the Avro Arrow was scrapped. The rest went on to help build the Concorde and Boeing in Seattle. Americans should stick to invading other countries on false pretences and tell the truth about 9/11. Everyone outside knows it was an inside job. Everyone’s knows about the pentagon missile attack and bomb in PA that made a hole in ground. I’ll stop because I know your just looking for a reaction.

  22. Bang on J. Smith. There is a reason why world leaders like President Obama DON’T use an iPhone but a Blackberry. The most secure private network in the WORLD. iPhones and Android are just another tool used by BIG BROTHER which might explain why the mainstream media constantly bashes Blackberry. Look at the specs on the Passport, they are better than the competition. There is nothing this smartphone doesn’t do. Most people use their smartphone for texting, emailing, calling and social media. With a 4.5 inch x 4.5 inch high resolution screen and a full QWERTY keyboard is there really another device out there that can do those functions BETTER than the BB Passport? NO WAY!

  23. Your President will only ever use a canuck Blackberry. Ever wonder why? NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden call Apple iPhone users “zombies”. Wonder why? And ask Kate Upton and Jennifer Lawrence how private and secure their iCloud account was when all their private photos hit the internet two weeks ago. Blackberry is the the MOST secure private network in the WORLD. FACT.

  24. How is this a niche product? With a QWERTY keyboard it does text, email and BBM better than any other smartphone. The call quality on Blackberry is second to none. Better screen resolution than the iphone 6. Exceptional battery life, and more megapixels on the camera than an iphone 6. What doesn’t this smartphone do? I don’t understand how people can drink the Kool-Aid being served by the mainstream media that keeps bashing this device, when it’s clearly an exceptional product and better than then competition. Not to mention it runs on the most secure network in the WORLD.

  25. It is a niche phone targeting people whose main focus is business productivity. For that demographic, this phone with its innovative physical and virtual keyboard in one appears to be something that could be the best in its class. I for one will be evaluating it and if it is everything as initially advertised I will be getting one for sure.

  26. No need to get your boxers in a wad. Ok there are BlackBerry enthusiasts. There were Palm enthusiasts too. I was a customer and shareholder of both companies. The point of my post was that the security features of the BB is not as big of deal as it was before companies stopped supporting it. I like BB but then I liked my Palm Trio also..

  27. The specs are insane!
    The Passport is a beast and I’m getting one the day they’re released!
    I consider myself a consumer, not a professional or doctor, so some consumers want them, and I know I’m not alone either.

  28. maybe you need to get out more or read more…there is a very active community of BlackBerry enthusiasts who are very much interested in the fortunes of the company. Your jibe would have been more pointed if it actually was factual…instead you made you look silly

  29. BB brand no longer commands a premium in the minds of most buyers. I am intrigued by the Passport but not willing to buy at $800.00.

  30. I’m thinking it was shareholders.BlackBerry doesn’t have much of a community.Corporations have already adopted other platforms and dismantled their BlackBerry servers and support. Even die hard supporters I work with were forced to give up their BB. We get free iPhones now.

  31. As of 4:17pm (PST), the BlackBerry Passport is now at 42% of votes with the next highest being Apple iPhone 6 & 6 Plus at only 17%. Also, correction on the OS launching with the Passport as it should be: BB OS 10.3.0

  32. correction, they are selling them to customers. Are you getting a portion of Andriods profits? Just wondering as you are so concerned about other people’s buying habits. Is it that or do you somehow get electronically shocked each time someone buys an Iphone? It must be something or you would not be spending time worrying about what someone else is buying!

  33. Interesting that you are the know it all of “dum” people, but after reading your comment littered with errors, it seems you should worry more about getting the English language down before worrying about an electronic device that does not effect anyones life. You would think the way people like you that comment with anger over something so trivial as a phone need to get a life!

  34. canucks don’t have enough smarts to compete in technology. they got lucky for a few years with a glorified two way pager but in the end canucks don’t have the smarts or mental toughness to compete with Silicon Valley. canucks should stick to simple things – like poutine, lumber, and hockey.

  35. Apple know its battery sucks and is not strong enough to compete with Samsung so they dont give out the battery size, or even the speed of their processor to the public. Its not marketing its brain washing dum people even more. Stupid people keep buying inferior products from Apple.

  36. So they changed their mind. You’d bag on them no matter what they did, wouldn’t you.

    And they still outsell all of their competitors.

  37. Apple said a small screen tablet was stupid.
    They made one
    They said their phones were big enough
    They made a 2 bigger ones.

    Apple is playing catch up in 2014 with 2012 devices.

  38. Lol for some reason my comments seem to be taken as bearish on BlackBerry. But I’m actually very bullish. However, I find it hard to disagree with the thing of BlackBerry being a tiny company when compared to those tech giants. Sure, BBRY has a worldwide reach and recognition, but it’s fairly a small company. But if you disagree, well, it’s alright.

  39. If the Z3 was a flop in India, then why would BlackBerry and Foxxcon produce more and introduce them in other Asian countries? I’m pretty sure that the Z3 sold well and both BBRY and Foxxcon made some profit out of it.

  40. BlackBerry well known as the (Ozone layer) for earth, It’s all about protection as a number one goal, Gimmicks is not an option when it comes to BlackBerry nor marketing, cause they’re the main provider when it comes to well known persons and companies which our world run under them.

    So you list the biggest companies by how much employees they have ? Failure comparison, which show lack of knowledge, If i want to go with your comparison then the Asian Replica’s Factories + Companies can beat all of the above. BlackBerry don’t sell TVs, PCs, Laptops, Consoles, and many others things the companies you mentioned sells. So why would they need 270,000 employees ?

    What does those companies provide the consumers in terms of Phones Protection.. Nothing to compare, all we have got is Gimmicks after Gimmicks while many consumers suffer from the lack of security. When BlackBerry said ”See The Bigger Picture”

    It’s not about Look we have a wide screen phone. It has a lot of meaning behind it. And i hope everyone can see the bigger picture. Have a nice day

  41. it wont sell, 99.9% of all consumers just care about Texting, phoning, and surfing the net. If anything the Z3 had better chances of selling then the Passport will. Plus 99.9% of Indonesians is in the lower class and are lucky to even own a phone, same thing in India. Kem you are exactly correct except the Z3 did not sell anywhere near as hoped.

  42. You’re wrong, like myself a fair share of people are really interested in the Passport. The iPhone is the same as the previous ones with incremental updates. Personally, I never cared of any iPhones,
    Apple= Yesterday’s technology at tomorrow’s prices. Myself, I hope I have my Passport (AKA the Beast) soon enough.

  43. India is a price sensitive place. Not in Indonesia.
    Especially when it comes to luxury goods. People were buying Blackberry Bold when it cost US$600-800. How do I know this? I live in Indonesia.
    In heyday, I saw many Blackberry bold users in the shopping malls. Now, I have never seen anyone uses Z3. Sure, some people have bought them, but too few.

  44. Indonesia is a price sensitive place, so selling the high-end Passport in there will not be good at all. And the Z3 was not a flop by any means.

  45. BlackBerry currently have only 8,000 employees, compared to approximately 80,000 worldwide employees in Apple, 128,000 in Microsoft, 50,000 in Google and 270,000 in Samsung. So, BBRY is indeed a little company when it’s compared to these giants.

  46. I’m amused to see this reported as an item. In all fairness, the BlackBerry community responded to this (EXTREMELY unscientific) poll en masse.

    However, it does indicate some measure of community support. The communities surrounding the other devices in the poll were welcome to vote up their stuff as well.

    And I continue to wonder if there might not be some actual consumer interest in the Passport. It’s got a great hardware spec, it looks distinctive, and security might be kind of a “thing” this fall and BlackBerry still has an untarnished reputation there.

    Time will tell…

  47. If Apple was the one releasing a new 4.5 ” square phone it would be “the greatest and most exciting” new phone ever!! Anything Blackberry does is always seen as “negative” in the media.

  48. The media is so focused on tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft that they often reject and forget little players like BlackBerry. What amazes me the most of the poll is not the Passport support from BlackBerry users, but the fact that The Verge actually included the phone in the poll.

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