Auto Sales Indicate Increasing Employment Ahead

Auto Sales Indicate Increasing Employment Ahead

Auto Sales Indicated Increasing Employment Ahead by Todd Sullivan, ValuePlays

“Davidson” submits

This week we saw 2 primary indicators of the many which reflect economic activity report monthly statistics in line with uptrends since Spring 2009, i.e. Household Employment and Light Vehicle Sales-see chart below. These are statistical counts which mean that numbers can be adjusted in later reports and also they are approximations. One can never ‘count’ all the individuals employed at any point in time nor can we actually ‘count’ all the vehicles sold. What we do is to create a process which captures the ‘best’ even though not perfect information at a point in time with methods we have determined over our history of doing this which represent reliably the economic data we are monitoring. What we miss in one report, we make up with following reports and occasional revisions as we continue to improve our data tracking. And importantly, it is important to not place all one’s emphasis on one indicator. If the trend is there, it will be present in all economic indicators associated with it. An  important trend will never be present in one indicator but absent from the others.

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