Apple Inc. iWatch May Have Poor Battery Life [REPORT]

Apple Inc. iWatch May Have Poor Battery Life [REPORT]
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One of the biggest problems smartwatch users face is poor battery life. Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like Apple’s purported iWatch will fair much better.

iWatch may have poor battery

This latest rumor comes from The Information which sites information from employees who claim to have poor expectations of the device. Although specific details were not mentioned, this is not the first time the iWatch was rumored to have poor battery life. The highly anticipated smartwatch is purported to come in two size options including 1.5 inch and 1.3 inch versions. The small sizes of the watches may be the primary reason the devices are reported to have poor battery life.

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The upside to all of this is that Apple plans on taking advantage of wireless charging which might just be the saving grace for the new watch if the low-battery rumor is true. A look at competitor devices show that the iWatch is not the only wearable with poor battery life. Android Wear devices usually have a charge that lasts one full day, other watches like the Moto 360 fair even worse with batteries that need to be charged twice a day. Other watches like the Pebble watch has a charge that lasts up to a week. One strong possibility why the Pebble has a long-lasting charge may be because it doesn’t have a touchscreen; it features a black and white screen that runs on less power.

A look back at previous iWatch rumors

Previous rumors indicated possibilities of charging mechanisms which included solar charging, motion charging, and induction charging. A more recent report indicated Apple wants to create short-range wireless technology and possibly NFC (Near-field Communication) to reduce the need for plastic credit cards or debit cards.

Apple is rumored to debut the iWatch along with the iPhone 6 tomorrow during a press event. There is a lot of anticipation for the upcoming smartwatch which may transform the wearables market.

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