Apple Inc. To Launch Highest Display Ever Later This Year

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) may introduce 5K cinema displays later in 2014. It has been almost three years since the company launched the standalone Thunderbolt displays, so the company is long overdue for a refresh.

Apple Inc. To Launch Highest Display Ever Later This Year

A recent report from WitsView indicates the tech giant may launch a 27-inch super-high resolution 5K display. This device is rumored to cram over 14 million pixels into a single display boasting resolution of 5120 x 2880. Not surprisingly, the display would feature a design very similar to the current iMac lineup.

Another rumor speculates Apple may launch 4K display instead

A similar rumor from MacRumors offer a Cinema4K display boasting a resolution of 4096 x 2160 is more of a real possibility. This is because the current lineup exclusively supports 4K resolution. Apple previously announced new standalone displays at rather inconsisent intervals which makes it difficult to predict the next release.

WitsView added, “Market trends show that most monitor vendors are interested in developing 27-, 28- and 32-inch Ultra HD units, said industry observers, adding that the Ultra HD LCD monitor penetration rate in 2014 is likely to reach around 5%.”

Apple’s role in innovation

Apple is one of the leading tech companies for a reason: it is one of the few companies that constantly looks to the future with exciting new innovations. The latest example of innovation is the Apple Watch, which is set to arrive in stores next year. Unlike most smartwatches and fitness bands currently on the market, Apple’s version takes a more personal route by offering options for design and style. And since it works exclusively with the iPhone, the new device won’t be replacing Apple’s best selling gadget anytime soon.

Innovation is good for any business, but for a company like Apple, it is imperative for success. Technology continually changes and trends will continue to dominate the industry. For a company already applauded for it’s cutting edge take on trends, it is no surprise expectations are high.

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